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The Sudeten German question

The Economist |
28 February 2013

An apology it was not, but speaking in the Bavarian Parliament on 21 February, Petr Nečas, the Czech prime minister, took a step toward soothing persisting anger related to the forcible deportation of millions of ethnic Germans from his country after the second world war. What seems like history is still very much of the present.

ODS chairman on regional tour to drum up support from local leaders

Radio Prague |
27 Feb 2013

The prime minister has begun to take aim at his party’s flagging fortunes which have been on a marked downturn since last year's regional and senate elections.

Support for ruling party sinks to 15-year low

Global Post |
21 February 2013

Support for the ČR's ruling Civic Democrats led by PM Petr Nečas has fallen to its lowest since 1998, a poll showed on Wednesday, taking them below their centre-right rivals and far below the main opposition party. The slide in support shows the centre-right ODS, hurt by a string of corruption scandals and by its pursuit of austerity policies, needs to change to win over voters ahead of a general election next spring.

Lower house makes umpteenth attempt to abolish lawmakers' life-long immunity from prosecution

14 February 2013

The lower house of Parliament on Wednesday approved a bill which would abolish lawmakers' lifelong immunity from prosecution. Under the present amendment deputies and senators would only have immunity for the duration of their mandate, unless their peers vote to strip them of it.

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President-elect gets down to business

Radio Prague |
7 February 2013

President-elect Miloš Zeman on Tuesday launched a series of high-level meetings with the country's political leaders. The talks are intended to set the framework for future cooperation and heal the rifts of a ruthless election campaign.

Experts blame gaffes and gov't for 'Prince's' defeat

Prague Post |
1 February 2013

Schwarzenberg's candidacy marred by links to Cabinet

Outgoing president bringing together Euroskeptics

B92 |
31 January 2013

Outgoing President Václav Klaus intends to, at the end of his mandate, create a Euroskeptic faction in the European Parliament.

'Atmospheric disturbance' possible but no storms ahead for Czech-German relations

Radio Prague |
30 January 2013

Miloš Zeman's campaign rhetoric has upset some in neighbouring Germany and Austria - but what impact will this have on relations between Czechs and their German-speaking neighbours?

Geopolitics according to Šlouf

aktuálně.cz |
30 January 2013

American or Russian? This is the EUR 8 billion question on all our lips in Prague these days. And Miroslav Šlouf has the answer.

Zeman wins

The Economist |
29 January 2013

Much was made of nationalist proxy attacks made by Václav Klaus, the president, and his family on Mr Schwarzenberg in recent days, but in the end, as foreign minister of the current centre-right government, he had trouble outrunning connections to the highly unpopular coalition led by Petr Nečas, the prime minister.

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