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Elections: What's on the menu

By Graham Matthews | Prague Daily Monitor |
25 Oct 2013

With at least twenty parties looking to win seats, it's a hard slog looking through all their different policies.

Left heads for election victory

Financial Times |
25 October 2013

Although the Social Democrats are in the lead, with the support of about a quarter of voters, they look unlikely to win an outright majority of the 200-member parliament.

Election may open door to Communists

Prague Post |
25 October 2013

Left-wing ČSSD expected to win but will need partners to rule

Voters see jam donuts and hashtags

Prague Post |
25 October 2013

Parties try diverse campaign methods ahead of election

For left leader, election is just first hurdle to clear

Reuters |
24 October 2013

The Social Democrat party likely to take power in the Czech republic after an election this weekend could be destabilized by an internal battle over who becomes the next prime minister.

Billionaire risks helping Communist comeback

Bloomberg |
22 October 2013

Andrej Babiš, a self-made Czech billionaire, may inadvertently help the Communists grab a share of national power for the first time since the 1989 revolution.

Analysis: projected election winners Social Democrats might have trouble forming coalition

Radio Prague |
22 October 2013

An analysis of nine different election polls by the ppm factum agency questions the party's chances of forming a left-wing coalition after the election, mainly due to a sudden surge by the untested ANO party.

Czechs leftists back business over human rights ahead of election

Reuters |
16 October 2013

The Czech Republic should not harm its business relations with Russia and China by stressing human rights concerns, the country's prospective finance minister said on Tuesday.

Sobotka announces he will be prime minister

Presseurop |
15 October 2013

With less than two weeks to go before general elections on October 25 and 26, the leader of the the Social Democratic Party (ČSSD) Bohuslav Sobotka has announced that he will be the next Czech prime minister.

CHANGE as a chance for a modern civic-ecological politics

Prague Connect |
15 October 2013

An interview with Jan Korytář, chairman of the ZMĚNA (CHANGE) political party, former mayor and representative of the Statutory City of Liberec.

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