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Gov't survives as party decides to stay

ABC News |
9 January 2013

The Czech Republic's three-party coalition government has survived after a junior party changed its mind about quitting.

Czech 'Joe Lieberman' could be Europe's first Jewish president

Jewish Telegraphic Agency |
8 January 2013

If the pundits are correct, the Czech Republic may become the first country other than Israel to elect a Jewish president.

Court: Presidential election will take place as planned

aktuálně.cz |
7 January 2013

The presidential election will take place on January 11 and 12 as originally planned. The Czech Constitutional Court rejected an appeal filed by Tomio Okamura, in which he asked for the presidential election to be postponed.

Voters yearn for substance over scandal

Spiegel |
2 January 2013

For the first time since the Velvet Revolution, citizens in the Czech Republic will have the opportunity to vote directly for their head of state in two weeks. Former Prime Minister Miloš Zeman is in the pole position. His tough-talking style appeals to Czechs who are tired of back room deals and a scandal-plagued leadership.

Jana Bobošíková – a fiery Eurosceptic determined to defend 'national interests'

Radio Prague |
2 January 2013

Jana Bobošíková is nothing if not a fighter.

A time for guidance

Prague Post |
28 December 2012

Restitution bill leaves church leaders struggling to avoid the corruption trap.

Political highs and lows

Prague Post |
28 December 2012

The winners, the losers and the troublemakers of 2012

Rejected presidential candidate lodges complaint against election law

Radio Prague |
28 December 2012

Rejected presidential candidate Senator Tomio Okamura on Thursday lodged an extensive complaint with the Constitutional Court against the election law that sets the framework for the country's first popular vote.

Year of corruption scandals: 2012 in Czech politics

aktuálně.cz |
27 December 2012

In 2012, the most important development in Czech politics was a number of high-profile corruption scandals which included the arrest of a very influential and controversial opposition politician.

Táňa Fischerová – an idealist offering a vision of a better world

Radio Prague |
21 December 2012

Actress and civic activist Táňa Fischerová, one of the three female candidates running for president, is selling a dream: she is offering the disgruntled Czech public a vision of a better world.

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