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We can offer a functioning state that works for the citizens

Prague Connect |
11 October 2013

An interview with JUDr. Michal Hašek, the governor of the South Bohemia regions and vice chairman of the Czech Social Democratic Party.

Zeman's Israel trip not without controversy

Prague Post |
10 October 2013

Czech President Miloš Zeman is in Israel on a three-day visit that began Oct. 7. The trip, which is intended to promote trade, has not been without controversy. Zeman repeated his opinion that embassies should move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem after Israeli-Palestinian reconciliation, during a joint luncheon with Tzipi Livni, Israeli justice minister and main negotiator with the Palestinians, according to the Czech News Agency

Democratic failure in the Czech Republic authors a Communist Party revival

Forbes |
8 October 2013

The Czech Republic is one of the most successful members of the former Soviet Empire. Dominated by the U.S.S.R. after the Red Army overran the country in the closing days of World War II, Prague was a freedom domino in 1989, joining its neighbors in overthrowing Communist rule. Yet Czechs with whom I recently spoke fear liberty is in retreat.

Czech-Japanese politician: "My party is not for sale"

aktuálně.cz |
4 October 2013

Tomio Okamura plans to become a member of the lower house for his Dawn of Direct Democracy after the late-October snap election. In an interview with the Aktuálně.cz and Insider daily newspapers he stressed that he is a wealthy businessman who seeks no financial gain from his political career.

President's popularity fails to translate into major boost for his party

Radio Prague |
3 October 2013

President Miloš Zeman continues to dominate approval ratings of Czech politicians. A recent poll by the CVVM agency has found that 48% of Czechs trust the president. Why is the president so popular? That's a question Radio Prague put to commentator Erik Best.

Social Democrats' lead narrows in poll as Communists gain

Bloomberg |
30 September 2013

Voter support for the Czech Social Democrats declined in September as the Communist Party gained a month before the country holds early elections, according to a poll by researcher Stem.

Tycoon to enter parliament on wave of voter anger

Reuters |
26 September 2013

Slovak-born billionaire Andrej Babis has built up the biggest Czech food, agriculture and chemicals group but got so upset with politicians in the process that he now aims to enter parliament himself in next month's election.

Social Democrats promise economic growth, more government spending, and higher taxes

Radio Prague |
26 September 2013

The Social Democrats top all election surveys ahead of the upcoming early general election.

Opposition rival accuses president of grabbing power

Reuters |
25 September 2013

A Czech conservative opposition leader told a Reuters Eastern Europe Investment Summit on Tuesday that President Miloš Zeman was improperly bypassing parliament to try to establish a presidential system of rule.

Political analyst on Merkel victory: continuity in Germany is good news for the Czech Republic

Radio Prague |
24 September 2013

Czech Prime Minister Jiří Rusnok on Monday joined European and world leaders in congratulating German Chancellor Angela Merkel on her party’s third successive election victory. The election result spells continuity both for Germany and the EU, and commentators in the Czech Republic see it as a highly positive development.

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