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Rusnok government sworn in

Radio Prague |
11 July 2013

The country's new caretaker cabinet was sworn in at Prague Castle on Wednesday, two weeks after economist Jiří Rusnok was named to head it.

Czech interim cabinet to take office with hands tied on budget

Bloomberg |
10 July 2013

Czech President Miloš Zeman will today appoint an interim government that faces hostility from opposition lawmakers to its plans to revive economic growth. The three-party coalition that had backed outgoing PM Nečas plans to challenge his successor Jiří Rusnok in a confidence vote and block his proposals for fiscal stimulus including infrastructure spending.

Czech president angers parties with power grab

The News International |
10 July 2013

Czech President Milos Zeman is taking advantage of a political crisis to expand his powers, infuriating lawmakers who accuse him of undermining parliamentary democracy and jeopardising the stability that has long made Prague a safe haven for investors.

Prosecutors prepare to charge ex-premier

The New York Times |
9 July 2013

Czech prosecutors asked the Parliament on Monday to strip former Prime Minister Petr Nečas of immunity from prosecution. Law enforcement officials said the request was a prelude to charging Mr. Nečas with corruption.

Nominations complete for Czech caretaker government

Radio Prague |
9 July 2013

Designated Czech prime minister Jiří Rusnok on Monday announced he has filled the last vacancy in his caretaker cabinet. The post of finance minister is to be taken up by Jan Fischer, former presidential candidate and himself an ex-prime minister of a technocrat government. Mr Fischer said boosting economic growth would be his top priority in his new role. The government is to be appointed later this week, and will then have 30 days to seek confidence from the lower house.

Ministers clear their desks as Nečas government bows out

Radio Prague |
4 July 2013

The government of Petr Nečas held what was most likely its last cabinet meeting on Wednesday, as ministers cleared their desks ahead of the planned appointment next week of a technocrat cabinet to replace it.

A Czech view of Russia (by Pavel Máša)

Aspen Institute Prague |
4 July 2013

Why is it that 22 years since the birth of the Russian Republic in 1991 neither the Czech elites nor the public have been able to reach a general consensus in their relations with the "new Russia"?

PM Rusnok expects cabinet appointed next Wednesday

Reuters |
3 July 2013

New Prime Minister Jiří Rusnok said on Tuesday he expected his full cabinet to be appointed by President Miloš Zeman on Wednesday next week.

PM offers head of the Aspen Institute Prague to be the new environment min

Aspen Institute Prague |
1 Jul 2013

The new Czech Prime Minster Jiří Rusnok offered Radek Špicar, the Executive Director of the Aspen Institute Prague to take over the Ministry of Environment. Mr. Špicar so far has not decided if he will make this move, but he said on CR1 (Czech Radio), he will evaluate every offer he receives in life and will make his decision by Monday. We would like to take this opportunity to let you know a bit more about Mr. Špicar and also the Aspen Institute in Prague.

Surprise, surprise

27 June 2013

A summer of ruinous floods and tropical heat is also bringing unforeseen political developments to Central Europe.

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