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No more cuts if outlook proves correct, FinMin says

Czech Position |
17 April 2012

Finance Ministry still counting on 0.2% growth in 2012, but lowers forecast for 2013 to 1.3%.

MPs Bárta and Škárka found guilty in bribery case

Czech Position |
16 April 2012

Court found Vít Bárta offered bribes in the form of interest-free loans; Jaroslav Škárka took the money in bid to discredit him.

Former Czech football star Karel Poborský sets political goal

Czech Position |
13 April 2012

Former Czech international football star sets political goal to enter regional assembly for center-right ODS.

Shaky Czech center-right coalition gov't to continue

Czech Position |
11 April 2012

Leaders of the three parties in the strained Czech center-right coalition — the main governing party, the Civic Democrats (ODS) of Prime Minister Petr Nečas, TOP 09 and Public Affairs (VV) — have agreed to stick together in government rather than call for early elections. The party leaders agreed on long-term budget deficit targets of less than 3.0% of GDP for 2013 and 2014 and a revised government program at a make or break meeting on Tuesday afternoon.

VV's Prague district heads call on party leader to resign

Czech Position |
10 April 2012

Prague chapters of smallest coalition party call upon leader Radek John to step down, blaming him for plunge in ratings.

Culture minister on cooperation and openness

Leaders Magazine |
5 Apr 2012

A talk with Alena Hanáková, minister of culture.

Analyst: early elections not to advantage of any of the coalition parties

Radio Prague |
5 April 2012

Are we close to early elections or did the smallest party in government, in trying to gain concessions, simply overplay its hand?

PM sets 10 April deadline for coalition deal or early elections

Czech Position |
5 April 2012

Prime Minister Petr Nečas has set a six-day deadline for the current center-right coalition government to overcome its latest crisis saying that otherwise the country would face early elections. Nečas set 10 April target for a solution to the latest crisis to face the fragile government following a meeting of his Civic Democrat (ODS) party, the biggest in the three-way coalition.

Poll: Left-wing majority on cards if early Czech elections held

Czech Position |
6 April 2012

Left-wing parties would win an outright majority in the Czech lower house of parliament if elections were held now, according to a survey carried by the Factum Invenio agency.

Ex-minister Dobeš returns to Education Ministry as advisor

Czech Position |
6 April 2012

Within days of handing in his resignation as education minister, Josef Dobeš returns to advise his former deputy minister Ladislav Němec.

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