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How powerful should the next president be?

Czech Position |
21 February 2012

Constitutional lawyer Marek Antoš suggests how to bring transparency to party funding cash flows and reorganize the election system.

Soc Dems could seek Communists' support to form gov't

Czech Position |
20 February 2012

ČSSD leader says he will negotiate with all other parties, including the Communists, to implement his center-left party's program.

Civic Democrats' regional split bodes ill for PM Petr Nečas

Czech Position |
20 February 2012

The scandal of ex-minister Pavel Drobil – awaiting its legal conclusion – is threatening the position of ODS party leader Petr Nečas.

Nečas to meet Cameron ahead of EU summit

aktuálně.cz |
17 February 2012

Czech PM Petr Nečas will meet his British counterpart David Cameron ahead of a key EU summit expected to deliver further progress on the bloc's proposed fiscal treaty.

Premier, deputy PM trumpet anti-corruption 'success'

Czech Position |
16 February 2012

Coalition gov't has fulfilled almost half of its anti-corruption program, saved tens of billions of crowns, say Nеčas and Peake.

Klaus pardons ex-head of Prague university

Czech Position |
15 February 2012

President issues pardons for former Metropolitain University Prague director and 13 others, mainly for humanitarian reasons.

Ex-PM Miloš Zeman joins presidential race

Czech Position |
15 February 2012

Miloš Zeman, the former ČSSD PM, declares intention to run in direct elections to become president, sufficient signatures permitting.

Authorities rush to call tenders before lotteries are outlawed

Czech Position |
14 February 2012

With the change in public tenders law banning electronic lotteries as of April, authorities are scrambling to start the process now.

Party seeks to redirect mud slinging over failed Swiss legal action

Czech Position |
13 February 2012

Blame for botched handling of Swiss approaches to join multi-billion criminal case lies with the foreign and jutice ministries, VV chief says.

Political analyst on direct presidential elections

Radio Prague |
10 February 2012

As the current president, Václav Klaus, who called direct elections a "fatal mistake", is unable to veto a constitutional amendment, I asked political scientist Jan Outlý of the University of Hradec Králové if anything at all can stop direct presidential elections now.

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