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Czech central banker, corruption fighter put squeeze on conservatives

The Wall Street Journal |
19 July 2010

After almost two decades of a dominant role in Prague politics, the Czech Republic's conservative Civic Democrat party, stands on the precipice.

Czech politics turns noble as aristocrats seek parliament seats

The Wall Street Journal |
15 July 2010

More and more Czechs with aristocratic roots are thinking or actively trying to get into local politics by either running for posts in the Senate or local councils.

Klaus says active politicians creating nervous markets

The Washington Post |
14 July 2010

Talking to Bloomberg's Sara Eisen on July 10 in Siena, Italy, president Václav Klaus said active politicians are creating "nervous" markets in Europe.

President swears in new Czech "reform" government

Radio Prague |
14 July 2010

A new Czech centre-right government made up of the Civic Democrats, TOP 09 and Public Affairs was sworn in by the president in a ceremony at Prague Castle Tuesday.

Female Czech MPs pose for calendar |
13 July 2010

Female members of the Czech parliament have posed for a glamorous calendar to highlight the growing presence of women in Czech politics.

Cracks in governing coalition already show

Prague Post |
9 July 2010

Recent days raise questions about government's long-term stability.

Nečas unveils cabinet

Radio Prague |
1 July 2010

Tortuous negotiations on who will fill key posts in the new centre-right cabinet appear to have ended in agreement, with the final pieces of the jigsaw falling into place for new prime minister Petr Nečas. His Civic Democrats seem to have made considerable concessions, with the powerful ministries of finance, foreign affairs and the interior all going to smaller coalition allies. But surprisingly – and for the first time in eight years – there's not a single woman amongst them.

Czech parties agree govt posts, Kalousek at finance

Reuters |
30 June 2010

Czech parties negotiating the formation of a centre-right government agreed on the division of key cabinet posts on Wednesday, including the appointment of austerity advocate Miroslav Kalousek as finance minister. The agreement is a big step forward in new PM Petr Nečas's drive to form a strong government capable of slashing the budget deficit and launching pension and social policy reforms that have been hampered in the past by weak parliamentary majorities.

Nečas appointed new prime minister

Radio Prague |
29 June 2010

The Czech Republic has a new prime minister and is on track for a new government, after more than a year of political limbo caused by the downfall of Mirek Topolánek's centre-right coalition. Petr Nečas was appointed by President Klaus in a brief ceremony at Prague Castle on Monday morning. He'll head a centre-right government that promises austerity measures to tame the budget deficit and a concerted campaign against corruption.

Interim cabinet quits, opens way for successor

BusinessWeek |
28 June 2010

Czech Prime Minister Jan Fischer's interim government resigned, opening the way for President Václav Klaus to name a new administration following May general elections.

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