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NATO Secretary General: In times of austerity, allies need to pool resources

Radio Prague |
14 November 2012

The Czech Parliament has just been hosting an annual session of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, which serves as a consulting body to the alliance.

PM Nečas: Soften austerity drive to help economy

Reuters |
12 November 2012

The government must change tack to help the economy out of a recession and "stop scaring" the public with further budget tightening, Prime Minister Petr Nečas was quoted as saying on Saturday.

Ústí to have first Communist governor since 1989

Radio Prague |
9 November 2012

The Communists and Social Democrats have agreed to form a coalition in the regional council in Ústí nad Labem, which will be headed by the Communist Oldřich Bubeníček.

Protesters criticise presence of Communists in new coalition on Zlín regional council

Radio Prague |
9 November 2012

Around 200 people staged a protest on Thursday morning against the presence of the Communist Party in a newly formed coalition government in the Zlín region in East Moravia.

Civic Democrat sentenced to jail term insists on taking up seat

Radio Prague |
8 November 2012

A Civic Democrat politician in line to replace one of three party deputies who have resigned insists he will take the post, despite the fact that he has been sentenced to a six-year jail term for corruption.

Czech PM to win confidence vote as rebels give up

Reuters |
7 November 2012

The Czech center-right cabinet will survive a parliamentary vote of confidence today after a group of backbenchers in the ruling center-right Civic Democratic Party gave up a rebellion threatening to bring down Prime Minister Petr Nečas. He has been struggling to keep afloat his cabinet, unpopular due to two years of austerity policies and a series of graft scandals, after defections wiped away his three-party coalition's parliamentary majority.

Tattooed artist challenges politicians for Czech presidency

7 November 2012

An eccentric artist with a tattooed face, an aristocrat and a master statistician are among candidates vying for the Czech presidency in a first direct election scheduled for January.

Resurrection of the Marxist old guard

Respekt |
6 November 2012

For the first time since 1989, on 13 October, Czech communists have won elections in two regions, and their party is now hoping to extend its influence in general elections slated for 2014. However, reporting from the Karlovy Vary region, the weekly Respekt remarks that the communists have barely changed since the heyday of the single party.

PM fends off party challenge, still faces tax rebellion

Reuters |
5 November 2012

PM Petr Nečas won re-election as head of the center-right Civic Democrats on Sunday and must quickly tackle a rebellion among the party's backbenchers that could bring down his cabinet this week. The leadership challenge came from one of a group of dissenters who oppose Nečas's plans to hike taxes next year. The rebels could still bring down Nečas in a confidence motion tied to the tax bill and due for a vote on Wednesday.

Švejnar: Steering clear of political bargaining

Prague Post |
2 November 2012

Ex-presidential candidate Švejnar talks elections and economics

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