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PM's support shrinks to minority as rebel deputy quits

Reuters |
1 November 2012

Prime Minister Petr Nečas's support in parliament dwindled to a minority on Wednesday when a deputy quit the ruling party, heightening a rebellion in its ranks and raising the risk of a government collapse next week. The departure cut the centre-right coalition's official numbers in the lower house of parliament to 99 out of 200 seats, intensifying pressure on Nečas before a vote on unpopular tax hikes after a congress of his party over the weekend.

PM delays tax bill vote as row shifts to congress

Business Week/Bloomberg |
31 October 2012

Parliament postponed a vote on tax increases that is tied to a confidence motion in the government, as Premier Petr Nečas's struggle to win backing for his austerity policies shifts to a weekend party congress. Nečas is battling to win support for the package of measures he says are needed to cut the budget deficit next year as a group of deputies from his Civic Democratic Party, or ODS, opposes his tax plan.

Return of a leftist heavyweight

Prague Post |
26 October 2012

For former Prime Minister Miloš Zeman, the castle is a means to a political end.

PM fails to reach deal with rebels on tax rises

Reuters |
24 October 2012

Prime Minister Petr Nečas failed to win support on Tuesday from party rebels threatening to bring down his cabinet over an unpopular bill to raise taxes, raising the likelihood of an early election. Nečas said he would hold more talks with the rebels but said there could be no deal if their real motivation, as suspected by many in the party, was to destroy him ahead of a party congress on Nov 2-4. "If this is about the matter and not about a power shift in the ODS, we can agree and the cabinet will not fall," Nečas said.

Time running out for prime minister to save government

Reuters |
23 October 2012

Prime Minister Petr Nečas will on Tuesday make possibly his last attempt to win the support of a rebellious party faction that is threatening to bring down his cabinet over a plan to hike taxes.

Czech leftists see chance to take power, eye tax hikes

Reuters |
23 October 2012

The main Czech Social Democratic opposition believes it can take power early next year if the embattled center-right cabinet collapses, and would seek to raise taxes and possibly loosen budget targets, its chairman said in an interview. An opinion poll released on Monday found the Social Democrats would win 33% of the vote if an election were held now, up from 31.5% in September.

Opposition vows to counter cabinet plans with Senate win

Bloomberg |
22 October 2012

The opposition Social Democrats pledged Sunday to counter government policies after gaining a majority in the Senate that gives it the power to reject Cabinet bills. The ČSSD won 13 seats in runoff voting on Oct. 19-20 for a third of the Senate, according to the statistics office. PM Petr Nečas's Civic Democrats got four seats, while his coalition partner, the TOP09 party, won two. The vote gives the Social Democrats a total of 46 senators in the 81-seat chamber and the Civil Democrats 15.

First Pirate Party senator elected in Czech Republic

TorrentFreak |
22 October 2012

In a two-stage runoff election, the Czech party's Libor Michálek has become the first Pirate to be elected to a national government seat.

The undoing of a master modern Czech lobbyist

Prague Post |
19 October 2012

Marek Dalík's arrest ends a legacy of opaque dealings in high politics

PM uncertain he can survive tax vote as deadline nears

Reuters |
18 October 2012

Prime Minister Petr Nečas said on Wednesday he was not sure he would be able to put down a rebellion by several backbenchers that is threatening to bring down the centre-right cabinet as early as next week. The central European government lacks a safe parliamentary majority and without a deal with a group of deputies in his Civic Democrats (ODS), Nečas will lose a confidence vote tied to tax laws due to be debated in parliament from next Tuesday.

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