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PM uncertain he can survive tax vote as deadline nears

Reuters |
18 October 2012

Prime Minister Petr Nečas said on Wednesday he was not sure he would be able to put down a rebellion by several backbenchers that is threatening to bring down the centre-right cabinet as early as next week. The central European government lacks a safe parliamentary majority and without a deal with a group of deputies in his Civic Democrats (ODS), Nečas will lose a confidence vote tied to tax laws due to be debated in parliament from next Tuesday.

Social Democrat MP Jan Hamáček: Communist Party's strong showing in regional elections should be a lesson to us

Radio Prague |
18 October 2012

With talks underway on forming regional governments, the Social Democratic Party is still coming to terms with the fact that although it came first in last weekend’s regional elections it is the Communist Party which is regarded as the real winner.

PM pledges deficit cuts after election defeat

Bloomberg |
16 October 2012

Prime Minister Petr Nečas pledged to continue deficit cuts that helped reduce borrowing costs after a defeat in regional elections threaten to weaken him as the leader of the coalition government and his party. The government, which lost its parliamentary majority in April following personnel and budget rows, is struggling to push through a bill including tax increases as a group of ruling- party lawmakers opposes the plan.

Czech right faces losses

The Wall Street Journal |
12 October 2012

The center-right Czech national government is expected to take a drubbing in regional and senatorial elections this weekend with its voters likely to be the latest in the European Union to kick back against austerity measures. The elections won't alter the Czech parliamentary composition or the cabinet but will be a clear indicator of public opinion and could add leverage to calls for an early general election. The latest opinion polls suggest an early election would favor the country's left-leaning political parties.

Labor minister resigns after police charge deputy

Reuters |
4 October 2012

Czech Labor and Social Affairs Minister Jaromír Drábek resigned on Wednesday after police charged his first deputy with bribery, another blow to the centre-right government already weakened by corruption scandals in the past year. Police charged Deputy Labor Minister Vladimír Šiška with bribery on Monday. A court ordered on Wednesday his detention until trial. Drábek said he believed Šiška, his former long-term business partner, would be cleared.

Dlouhý full speed ahead

Prague Post |
21 September 2012

Presidential candidate outlines his plans for Europe and the domestic economy

Embattled PM fighting to keep fiscal reforms on track

Radio Prague |
7 September 2012

The Nečas cabinet suffered its first significant defeat in its consolidation drive on Wednesday. The move has left the prime minister fighting not only for the future of his reform cabinet but primarily his own future as the head of the Civic Democratic Party and the government.

Lawmakers reject tax bill, Nečas plans confidence vote

Bloomberg |
6 September 2012

The lower house of parliament rejected a government plan to trim the budget deficit with higher taxes, a move that threatens to topple PM Petr Nečas's Cabinet. Nečas, who lost his parliamentary majority in April amid personnel and budget rows, fell seven vote short of the 101 needed today to override a veto by the Senate of a package of measures needed to raise state revenue and cut spending.

Gov't threatened by tax row in lower house

Radio Prague |
6 September 2012

A growing conflict within the senior coalition Civic Democrat party is threatening to topple the government of Prime Minister Petr Nečas. Some Civic Democrat MPs have refused to back government legislation raising the VAT rates, a bill the prime minister said was crucial for the future existence of the government. Two ruling lawmakers to reject tax increase

Bloomberg |
5 September 2012

Two members of PM Petr Nečas's party won't support in parliament a government bill raising taxes, reported.

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