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Communists a dilemma in Social Democrats' quest for power

Czech Position |
9 March 2012

Expert analyses conducted by the Interior Ministry point to insufficient grounds to draft a proposal suspending the KSČM's activities.

EU-Eastern Partnership talks held in Prague as Belarus stays away

RFE / RL |
6 March 2012

The first ex-communist countries to join the European Union are now working to help bring former Soviet republics closer to the EU.

Czech foreign minister: 'Putin prepared elections well'

Czech Position |
6 March 2012

The return of Vladimir Putin to the Kremlin for a third term as Russian president will not change Czech-Russian relations, nor Moscow's stance on Syria in the United Nations Security Council, Czech Foreign Minister and deputy prime minister Karel Schwarzenberg (TOP 09) said on Monday. "The elections turned out exactly as expected: the percentage was right, everything went according to plan," Schwarzenberg told ČTK on Monday.

Industry minister calls changes at telecoms watchdog

Czech Position |
6 March 2012

Changes called at telecoms regulator (CTÚ) in a bid to stop telecoms from gouging citizens and companies.

Strange bedfellows: What about the pirates?

Czech Position |
6 March 2012

Top officials of parliamentary parties (and hopefuls) talk about freedom of the Internet, cooperating with the Czech Pirate Party.

Prosecutions pending in alleged Czech EU Presidency embezzlement case

Czech Position |
5 March 2012

Police conclude services for EU Presidency conferences were overpriced, with at least CZK 135 million embezzled; prosecutions imminent.

Czech govt won't seek to ban the Communist Party |
1 March 2012

The government is giving up plans to take legal steps to ban the country's Communist Party for its hardline positions and links to the former regime that executed hundreds of political prisoners.

Pirate Party seeks support for Internet freedom bill

Czech Position |
29 February 2012

Czech Pirate Party seeks political backing for web freedom bill enshrining basic principles of non-interefence with the Internet into law.

Czech PM to ditch Martin Říman as main advisor

Czech Position |
28 February 2012

Martin Říman, chief advisor to Prime Minister Petr Nečas, is set to quit the post by April; he may be a candidate to head the NKÚ.

ČSSD split over presidential candidate

New Europe |
27 February 2012

The Czech centre left social democrats remain divided over the issue of settling their candidate for the impending presidential election.

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