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Recriminations follow violent attack on politician at election rally

Radio Prague |
7 May 2010

With elections just three weeks away, the tone of the campaign has sharpened.

Responsibility for the state debt

4 May 2010

The Czech national debt is rising to astronomical heights, while in 1993 the country did not pay a single crown to service its debt. Unsurprisingly, the largest parliamentary parties—the Social Democrats to the left and the Civic Democrats to the right, are blaming each other as to who is responsible.

Election campaign goes into final straight after slow, negative start

Radio Prague |
4 May 2010

Czechs go to the polls in just under four weeks for elections to the lower house of parliament. As the deadline approaches, the two main parties have unveiled their final campaign plans.

Election Watch: Social Dems up in arms

Prague Post |
30 April 2010

The largest donation in Czech political history came from an Austrian gun runner and nobody seems to care.

Nečas: People prefer pleasant lies to painful truths

29 April 2010

Despite being in politics for many years, Petr Nečas, the new leader ODS, has never been implicated in any scandals or dubious business dealings.

Schwarzenberg talks election

Prague Post |
23 April 2010

The country is under threat from the twin scourges of corruption and a burgeoning budget deficit, and "the people must be told" just how dire the situation is, TOP 09 leader Karel Schwarzenberg said in an interview with The Prague Post.

Leading Party's donor ran secret communists' arms deals

aktuálně.cz |
22 April 2010

The most generous sponsor of the Social Democrats (ČSSD) was helping the communist regime in the 1980s to run its secret international arms trades. Aktuálně.cz has learned about this when investigating the circumstances of a large donation for the ČSSD from Austrian businessman of Czech origin Tomáš Melich.

Number 3 for Jesus: Parties get numbers to run with in May's elections

Radio Prague |
14 April 2010

There are 27 Czech political parties running in May's general elections. Only a few of them have a realistic prospect of entering the lower house of Parliament, but they all drew numbers on Tuesday to put on their ballots.

ODS pledges to balance budget by 2017

Interactive Investor/Reuters |
8 April 2010

The Czech Republic's main right-wing party said on Wednesday it would balance the country's finances by 2017, hoping to improve its election prospects by tapping into public concern over debt levels.

Petr Nečas – safe pair of hands whose reign as party leader could be brief

Radio Prague |
6 April 2010

It would be hard to find a greater contrast to outgoing ODS leader Mirek Topolánek. Petr Nečas, 45, church-going, a father of four, is unlikely to leave his wife for one of his party colleagues, or stick his middle finger up at rivals in parliament.

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