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TV broadcast slowed down decision on Lisbon Treaty

E15 |
19 Feb 2009

Ondřej Liška, Miroslav Kalousek (front) in the lower house (ČTK)

Instead of voting on the Lisbon Treaty on Tuesday, Czech deputies tried to use the time to promote themselves in a live broadcast from the lower house.

Heiress wants Prague's Russian embassy back

By Kateřina Eliášová |
Aktuálně.cz |
18 Feb 2009

Russian Embassy in Prague. (ČTK)

The Popper family is asking for the return of its property, which is being used by the Russian Embassy in Prague. The last owner's daughter has already filed two lawsuits against Russia.

The party of "three Klauses" recruiting members

By Ivana Kottasová |
Hospodářské noviny |
14 Jan 2009

New Euroskeptical party comes to existence

Strana svobodných občanů (the party of free citizens) has not even been formally established, but it can already boast the support of three MPs, one senator and a powerful fan at the Castle.

MP and finance minister trade insult, finger gesture

19 December 2008

On Wednesday, the parliament floor witnessed the shadow health minister David Rath and the finance minister Miroslav Kalousek trade insults: the former in words, the latter, using "the finger".

MEP Bobošíková wants EU citizen's prize for Klaus

Aktuálně.cz |
19 December 2008

Never mind that Václav Klaus is notorious euro-skeptic, being often called euro-dissident. With his efforts to muck up the Czechs EU presidency, for many in the EP he embodies everything but European integration.

Study of ODS failure in election not for public

Aktuálně.cz |
25 November 2008

The Civic Democratic Party, member of the ruling coalition, received the first part of an analysis which outlines the reasons why the party failed to perform in the recent election.

Topolánek wants cabinet shake-up

Aktuálně.cz |
24 October 2008

Prime Minister Mirek Topolánek said in an interview for today's daily Hospodářské noviny that he plans to reconstruct his cabinet after the second round of Senate by-elections this weekend.

ANO candidate for EU commissioner says she is up to the challenge

Radio Prague |
14 July 2014

Regional Development Minister Věra Jourová, whom the coalition party ANO last week put forward as its nominee for EU commissioner, says that while regional development is her main area of interest she feels up to the challenge of accepting other portfolios.

ANO party surging ahead in popularity ratings

Radio Prague |
14 July 2014

The ANO party of the ruling coalition has surged ahead in popularity ratings. According to a survey conducted by the polling agency Aisa the party would now get 31 percent voter support, as compared to the 18.6% it won in last year's general elections.

Czech transport minister in possible conflict of interest

aktuálně.cz |
14 July 2014

The Czech transport minister, Antonin Prachar (ANO 2011), is possibly breaking the law on conflict of interest and faces a fine of CZK 50,000 (EUR 1,800). Prachar himself denies any wrongdoing.

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