Tuesday, 23 October 2018


Hamáček suggests Tomáš Petříček as Foreign Minister to Babiš

Prague Daily Monitor |
19 Sep 2018

Deputy Prime Minister and acting Foreign Minister Jan Hamáček, who leads the Social Democrats in the governing coalition, wrote to PM Andrej Babiš on Tuesday, and asked him to nominate Tomáš Petříček as Foreign Minister.

Czech PM accuses Pirate Party of mining Bitcoin

Bitcoinist |
19 September 2018

Bitcoin mining became the subject of an unexpected political clash in the Czech Republic. The Prime Minister accused his opposition, the Czech Pirate Party, of doing nothing useful in the IT sector other than mining Bitcoin.

Voting requirements for expats

Prague TV |
18 September 2018

Municipal elections are coming up Oct. 5 and 6. Expats from European Union countries can vote, provided they have a temporary or permanent residence in the Czech Republic and they are 18 years of age by the last day of the elections.

MEPs put pressure on Commission to take position on Czech PM fraud case

EurActiv/Aktuálně.cz |
17 September 2018

MEPs have urged the European Commission to investigate Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš for possible conflicts of interest involving EU funds, after being persuaded by the Czech branch of Transparency International and the Czech Pirate Party.

Court cancels verdict against ex Prague mayors Hudeček and Svoboda

Prague Daily Monitor |
14 Sep 2018

Czech Television and Novinky.cz reported that the Prague higher court cancelled a verdict issued against former Prague mayors Tomáš Hudeček and Bohuslav Svoboda in the Opencard case, and returned the case to the lower courts.

Vondráček distances himself from ANO MEPs who voted against Hungary

Prague Daily Monitor |
14 Sep 2018

Radim Vondráček (ANO), the Speaker of the Czech Parliament, distanced himself from ANO's four MEPs, who broke with party ranks and voted against Hungary in the controversial vote in the European Parliament on Wednesday.

Vaclav Klaus Jr. wants to prevent Facebook from blocking posts

Prague Daily Monitor |
11 Sep 2018

Lidové noviny reports that politician Václav Klaus Jr., intends to submit a draft law to parliament later this year that upholds the freedom of expression, and will prevent Facebook from blocking posts that it deems contrarian.

Pirates and ODS have highest election potential in Prague

Prague Daily Monitor |
11 Sep 2018

The latest Kantar TNS / Median poll for Czech Television indicates that the Pirate Party and the Civic Democrats (ODS) have the highest election potential in Prague, with over a third of voters considering voting for either party. They are followed by the Spojené síly pro Prahu alliance (TOP09, KDU-CSL & STAN) with 25%, ANO at 23.5% and Praha sobě at 15.5%.

29 parties running for Prague City Hall

Prague TV |
10 September 2018

Prague City Hall drew numbers for the ballot positions for the municipal elections that will be held Oct. 5–6. Expats from EU countries can vote in the municipal elections if they register in advance at their local district office, but not the Senate elections.

War of words continues over Poche

Prague Daily Monitor |
10 Sep 2018

Deputy PM and Foreign Minister, Jan Hamacek, who is also the head of the junior CSSD partner in the governing coalition, told TV Prima that PM Andrej Babis had yet to specifically give proof of Miroslav Poche's negative behaviour at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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