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Zeman to appoint new ministers on Tuesday

Prague Daily Monitor |
30 Apr 2019

President Miloš Zeman will appoint three new ministers to the cabinet on Tuesday. In addition, Alena Schillerová, the current Finance Minister, will also be appointed a Deputy Prime Minister.

Onderka would ask minister Staněk to resign

Prague Daily Monitor |
29 Apr 2019

Vice Chairman of the Social Democrats Roman Onderka told television host Václav Moravec, on his show on Czech Television, on Sunday that he would ask Culture Minister Antonín Staněk (ČSSD) to resign, if he had the choice.

ANO would win elections

Prague Daily Monitor |
24 Apr 2019

The latest political opinion polls released by the Public Opinion Research Centre of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic for April 2019, indicate that ANO would win the elections, with 32% of the vote.

Hamáček warns ANO over Supreme State Prosecutor

Prague Daily Monitor |
24 Apr 2019

Jan Hamáček, Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the ČSSD, the junior partner in the current governing coalition, warned ANO and Prime Minister Andrej Babiš that his party would leave the coalition, if the government attempted to remove Supreme State Prosecutor Pavel Zeman from his position. Hamáček said any vote on Zeman's future, would be the last vote that the government would take, according to Czech Television.

Justice minister's resignation raises concerns about possible political pressure on judiciary

Radio Prague |
24 April 2019

The unexpected resignation of Justice Minister Jan Kněžínek late last week, coming just one day after police investigators proposed charging the prime minister with EU subsidy fraud has raised an outcry from opposition politicians, who say the move gives serious cause for concern about the independence of the Czech judiciary.

Czech culture minister dismisses two prominent museum directors, sparking protests

Artforum |
23 April 2019

Last week, culture minister Antonín Staněk dismissed Jiří Fajt, former director of the National Gallery, and Michal Soukup, the head of the Olomouc Museum of Art. The dismissal of Fajt sparked protests from opposition politicians, cultural figures, and museum directors, who believe the move is politically motivated.

Czech TV presenter to make presidential bid

Emerging Europe |
17 April 2019

The owner and chief presenter of the Czech Republic’s most controversial television channel, Jaromír Soukup (pictured above), is running for president. "The election comes in 2023. I see quite decent support according to data, and my name has a high reputation, liked by almost 90 per cent of the population," he said during his show on TV Barrandov, the channel he owns. Earlier this year Mr Soukup founded his own political party in order to participate in European parliamentary elections.

Rakušan will quit as Mayor of Kolín in June

Prague Daily Monitor |
17 Apr 2019

Vit Rakusan, the new leader of STAN, the party of mayors and independents, will resign his position as Mayor of Kolin, on June 24th, according to information he posted on his Facebook page. Rakusan will be replaced as Mayor, by his party colleague and current Deputy Mayor Michael Kaspar, who confirmed the news.

Zeman meets new ministers at Lány Chateau

Prague Daily Monitor |
16 Apr 2019

President Miloš Zeman met with future Transport Minister Vladimír Kremlík and future Industry Minister Karel Havlíček, at the Lány Chateau, on Monday. Both were nominated by Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (ANO), last week, to replace Dan Ťok and Marta Nováková, from his party, as ministers.

Ťok to quit politics completely

Prague Daily Monitor |
16 Apr 2019

Outgoing Transport Minister Dan Ťok (ANO) will not only finish his term as minister at the end of April, but also resigned from the Chamber of Deputies, as he gave up his responsibilities as an MP, on Monday.

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