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Quo vadis, Prime Minister Andrej Babiš? For everyone, to Europe.

Radio Prague |
19 February 2019

Prime Minister Andrej Babiš has been re-elected chairman of the ANO party that he founded seven years ago, running unopposed at the party's congress on Sunday. Polls show Mr. Babiš remains the most popular, trusted politician in parliament, and ANO would win general elections if held today. So, what direction is he looking to take the party – and the country?

Babiš and Faltýnek remain as ANO leaders

Prague Daily Monitor |
18 Feb 2019

Prime Minister Andrej Babiš and Jaroslav Faltýnek, ANO's parliamentary leader, were re-elected to their posts of party President and First Vice President, respectively. ANO's party congress took place on Sunday and Babiš received the support of 206 out of the 238 delegates present.

Pirates and ODS lose voter support in poll

Prague Daily Monitor |
11 Feb 2019

The latest Kantar CZ political opinion poll for Czech Television, for the month of January, shows that support for the Pirates and the ODS has declined, since November. ANO continues to lead the pack, with 32.5% of the vote, but the second and third ranked Pirates and ODS, have each seen their vote share drop by 2.5%, to 16.5% and 13.5% respectively, from November.

Why is it so hard to remove a Czech president?

Radio Prague |
11 February 2019

A group of Czech senators recently accused President Miloš Zeman of gross violation of the Constitution and began drafting an official bill of impeachment. However, the chances of the liberal Senator 21 group finding the support to force out the head of state seem extremely slim. But why is it so hard to remove a Czech president?

Communists have problem with Tok and Petricek

Prague Daily Monitor |
8 Feb 2019

Czech Television reports that the Communist Party (KSCM), which currently lends outside support to the minority government of ANO and CSSD, has problems with the coalition's transport and foreign ministers.

Prague 9 Senator Baudyšová resigns

Prague Daily Monitor |
30 Jan 2019

Zuzana Baudyšová, who represents Prague 9 in the Senate, announced in a letter to Jaroslav Kubera (ODS), the Chair of the Senate, on Monday, that she was resigning her post. Baudyšová claimed that she was resigning for health reasons.

Czech Pirates, ahoy! |
28 January 2019

Anti-establishment party is now third-largest in national parliament and has high hopes for Brussels. Party officials say they expect to send at least five MEPs to Brussels. This would be five more than they currently have, but not impossible: POLITICO's projections predict the Pirates would win four seats.

Zimola to lead ČSSD in South Bohemia, again

Prague Daily Monitor |
28 Jan 2019

Jiří Zimola, the Chair of the Social Democrats in South Bohemia, defended his seat at the party's regional conference in Tábor, on Saturday. Zimola, the former governor of the region, staved off opposition from MP Ondřej Veselý to win the chair's election.

Pirates chose Marcel Kolaja to lead European campaign

Prague Daily Monitor |
21 Jan 2019

The Pirate Party chose software expert Marcel Kolaja, to lead its campaign, for the European Parliamentary elections, in May, at the party congress in Tabor, over the weekend. According to Czech Television, the Pirates will be aiming for at least 20% of the vote, up from the 4.78% they got in the 2014 elections.

Pirate Party members unhappy about lack of transparency within party

Prague Daily Monitor |
16 Jan 2019

Aktuálně.cz reports that the certain members of the Pirate Party are unhappy about a perceived lack of transparency within the party. This stems from the fact that people within the leadership of the party, are members of various "closed groups" on Facebook, which are not open to the public, leading to other members questioning what is going on in these groups.

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