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Chovanec to quit as MP

Prague Daily Monitor |
14 Jan 2019

Former Interior Minister Milan Chovanec announced on Twitter, that he intended to quit as an MP, by the end of March. Chovanec stated, that he had informed his colleagues of his decision, at the CSSD Regional Conference in Pilsen over the weekend, after he was elected Chair of the regional chapter.

Social Democrats unhappy with their proposals being rejected

Prague Daily Monitor |
9 Jan 2019

Czech Television reports that the leadership of the ČSSD, the junior partner in the governing coalition, is unhappy, because a number of its proposals have been rejected by the cabinet in recent times.

Babis defends Tok, but acknowledges his failings

Prague Daily Monitor |
7 Jan 2019

Prime Minister Andrej Babis (ANO) acknowledged to television host Vaclav Moravec, on his show on Czech Television on Sunday, that Transport Minister Dan Tok (ANO) was ultimately responsible for the collapse of the D1 Highway before the Christmas holidays.

Czech parliamentary leaders use New Year's Day addresses to call for greater civility

Radio Prague |
3 January 2019

Not since 2013 has a seated Czech president addressed the nation on New Year's Day: the current head of state, Miloš Zeman, has taken to delivering an address on the day after Christmas. This year, for the first time, the heads of both houses of parliament have taken up the mantle, calling for greater civility in 2019.

Babiš concedes he might have to make changes in government

Prague Daily Monitor |
2 Jan 2019

Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (ANO) told Czech Television (ČT) during his traditional New Year's Day interview, that a shake-up in the government could not be ruled out. The Communists, who are currently propping up the minority ANO-ČSSD government, have been baying for the heads of certain ministers.

ANO would win general elections with 33.5% of the vote

Prague Daily Monitor |
21 Dec 2018

The latest opinion polls by the Public Opinion Research Centre (CVVM) of the Academy of Sciences, for the month of December, show ANO as the winner, should elections be held now. 33.5% of respondents suggested they would vote for ANO, with 14.5% choosing ODS and 14%, the Pirates.

Petr Mach quits SSO, will not lead European Election campaign

Prague Daily Monitor |
17 Dec 2018

Petr Mach, the founder of the Party of Free Citizens (SSO), announced that he was quitting the party and would not lead its campaign for the upcoming European elections.

Gazdík to finish term as STAN chief in April

Prague Daily Monitor |
14 Dec 2018

Aktuálně.cz reports that Petr Gazdík, the head of the Alliance of Mayors and Independents (STAN), will not seek a new term and hopes to finish his current term early, in April 2019. Gazdík intends to continue in politics as an MP but will use the time off to spend it with his family and young children.

Maláčová and Stanjura support BIS

Prague Daily Monitor |
10 Dec 2018

Minister of Labour and Social Welfare Jana Maláčová and Deputy Chair of the Civic Democrats Zbyněk Stanjura both told television host Václav Moravec, on his show on Czech Television on Sunday, that they stood by the Security Information Service (BIS).

Opposition calls for Dostálová's resignation

Prague Daily Monitor |
7 Dec 2018

Czech Television reports that the leaders of the opposition parties have called for Minister of Regional Development Klara Dostálová's (ANO) resignation, in response to allegations of wrongdoing at Czech Tourism.

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