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10 perfect Christmas gift ideas for people who love Prague and CR |
9 December 2019

Need inspiration for the lover of Czech culture in your life? Read on for a merry mix of gift ideas from local artists and shops.

War and Occupation: A black crow spreads its wings over Prague

Radio Prague |
9 December 2019

The Czech Radio archives include many recordings from the time of World War II. They come from both sides: propaganda from within occupied Bohemia and Moravia aimed at intimidating the population and bullying them into supporting the Reich, but also recordings from abroad.

Julius von Payer - the Teplice born explorer who discovered Franz Josef Land

Radio Prague |
10 December 2019

Soldier, topographer, polar explorer, but also painter, Julius von Payer was a man of many skills. Despite being born in the West Bohemian spa town of Teplice, he is a figure unknown to most Czechs today.

Eco-building with nine starter apartments and a post office completed in Husovice

Brno Daily |
6 December 2019

The new building at Dukelska 88, Brno, which replaces a dilapidated building demolished two years ago, was built to the latest environmental standards, and will help nine young families looking to own their own homes.

Legendary Tatra 77 car showcased at Victoria & Albert Museum

Radio Prague |
6 December 2019

A new exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London brings together fifteen diverse cars to explore how the automobile accelerated the pace of change over the past century and the impact it had on the broader world, from visual culture to climate change. One of the cars selected for the show is the legendary Tatra 77.

St Nicholas comes to town |
5 December 2019

Kids can see St Nicholas accompanied by Devil and Angel at various venues around Prague, including the zoo and Kampa park.

Travel Brno: Vienna is a holiday wonderland just down the road

Brno Daily |
4 December 2019

Vienna is an easy daytrip, either by car or train, from Brno. For most of the year, Vienna is a big city with world-class entertainment, but this month, it is even more appealing because it is decked out in holiday splendor.

Guide to Prague Christmas markets

Honest Guide |
3 December 2019

Map with all the Christmas markets, and places to get svařák, around the Czech Republic is here! Enjoy!

How working for Doctors Without Borders in Prague changed my life |
3 December 2019

Canadian expat Reena Sattar came to Prague as an English teacher but would later make an inspiring career change.

Czechs scrap one-party rule - archive, 1989

The Guardian |
2 December 2019

29 November 1989: Communist prime minister promises to form a new government that will include other political parties and non-party members

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