Friday, 10 July 2020


Chateau Kynžvart awarded European Heritage Label

Radio Prague |
14 April 2020

Among the ten new localities recently awarded the European Heritage Label is Kynžvart Chateau in West Bohemia. The chateau once played a significant role in European history.

Day twenty-four of the quarantine: an experience

By Paul Lysek | Prague Daily Monitor |
9 Apr 2020

The weather has been just splendid of late, and the air has that fresh scent of new green growth. Day twenty-four is behind us and things are starting to look promising. For us at home, the new routine is humming along, but I was not ready for today's surprise.

"One Man Show" helps ALS patient complete bucket list

Brno Daily |
8 April 2020

As part of a campaign for the cause of ALS, TV show "One Man Show" has helped a father suffering from ALS complete his bucket list, all captured on film. One part of their journey took place in New Zealand, where they went bungee jumping, rafting, ziplining, 'zorbing', and learned the traditional Haka dance.

Day twenty-three of the quarantine: an experience

By Paul Lysek | Prague Daily Monitor |
8 Apr 2020

After yesterday's disaster with the paint I considered calling my boss and asking for an exception to start going into the office again. The apartment is a mess, the walls are half painted and we are exhausted from each other.

Moravian winemaker awarded for best Chardonnay |
8 April 2020

The annual Chardonnay du Monde, a competition recognizing the world's best Chardonnay wines, was held in early March in the Burgundy wine region. This year the absolute winner of the world competition hails from the Moravian village of Krumvíř.

Got the quarantine blues? Speak to a therapist in English for free |
8 April 2020

Several new resources exist for guiding foreigners in Prague and the Czech Republic through these turbulent times

Retro food tour

Honest Guide |
7 April 2020

Jesenka! Sojové řezy! Kočičí jazýčky...Honest Guide's Janek and Honza share their childhood memories and what sweets they ate as kids.

Day 22 of the quarantine: an experience

By Paul Lysek | Prague Daily Monitor |
7 Apr 2020

Let's face it: permanent home office is just not as productive as a regular office is. My wife sees it, and my kids even laugh at me when I tell them I need to get to work. So I decided to no longer fight my wife off and agreed: I can paint the living room in between some calls and emails.

How to travel without leaving your home

Brno Daily |
7 April 2020

There is nothing more powerful and creative than the human mind — except maybe the internet. Put them together and you can expand your horizons while sitting in front of your computer.

Week three of the quarantine: an experience

By Paul Lysek | Prague Daily Monitor |
6 Apr 2020

Things are heating up and not only for summer but also the emotions around our locked-down world. When I leave the house once a week to take the garbage out, there are a lot of people out and about, but we stay home.

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