Friday, 10 July 2020


Dana Zátopková - Olympic gold winner and national sweetheart

Radio Prague |
24 March 2020

Dana Zátopková – one of the greatest Czech sportswomen of all time and a national sweetheart – died last Friday at the blessed age of 97.

Week one of the quarantine: an experience

By Paul Lysek | Prague Daily Monitor |
23 Mar 2020

I have a friend who thinks this whole lock-down is nonsense. He reckons calculating in the economic fallout, the increase in domestic violence, increased divorce rates etc. more harmful than if we all just took our chances. After a week of self-isolation from the outside world, I am beginning to wonder.

Foreigners in CR on quarantine and being cut off from their families

Radio Prague |
23 March 2020

There are more than half a million foreigners living in the Czech Republic, according to data from the Ministry of Interior. With the COVID-19 epidemic in full swing across Europe they have found themselves in a strange situation in recent weeks.

Romani people from different Czech towns have joined the face mask sewing effort

Romea |
20 March 2020

Because there is still an acute lack of face masks in the Czech Republic, many volunteers, including those working in the civil sector, have joined the effort to make them at home. One such group is the CEDR community association in Rumburk, where Marcela Surmajová is a field worker.

Czech TV to launch new channel

Broadband TV News |
20 March 2020

The Czech public broadcaster Česká Televize will launch a new channel on Monday, March 23. Known as ČT3, it will be aimed at the elderly, who are the most vulnerable group in society during the national emergency.

School's out – not!

Brno Daily |
20 March 2020

For language teachers, particularly freelancers, the horrifying prospect of losing all their clients and income looms large. Yet it is not all doom and gloom.

Day three of the quarantine: an experience

By Paul Lysek | Prague Daily Monitor |
20 Mar 2020

The routine is starting to get set. I cannot say it is the most productive of times, but certainly brings us all closer together. Paul Lysek describes day three of the quarantine.

Response by volunteers was immediate, says medical student

UniMedia |
20 March 2020

Students at Charles University's medical faculties wasted little time in pooling their strengths in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, with many volunteering to help even before the government passed a key resolution making it mandatory. One of them is David Kulišiak.

Teaching in the time of pandemic

Radio Prague |
20 March 2020

There are about 1.5 million children and teenagers enrolled in Czech elementary and secondary schools who must stay at home due to the coronavirus outbreak. Teachers are expected to keep in touch with them via e-mail and other online media. How are they managing?

Czech activists bang their heads against 'rainbow wall'

Balkan Insight |
19 March 2020

Though relatively liberal compared with its neighbours, the Czech Republic has stalled on same-sex marriage legislation.

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