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The pros and cons of living in Vinohrady |
26 August 2019

Despite its long-established reputation for continuity and tradition, major changes are sweeping through Vinohrady. Now is the perfect time to take stock and look at the pros and cons of living here.

Hiking in the fairy-tale 'Narnia' hills

26 August 2019

Stepping out above the treeline to the eagle's nest lookout behind Pravčická brána, the sweeping, 360-degree views include the soaring Elbe Sandstone Mountains that make up the border between the Czech Republic and the German state of Saxony. It won't take you long to see why this spot was chosen for the Narnia films.

Don't Miss: Tea, wine and film noir

By Narmin Ismiyeva | Prague Daily Monitor |
23 Aug 2019

This weekend, you can taste wine and street food along the shores of Vltava, participate in a large-scale tea ceremony at Vyšehrad or visit the Křivoklát Castle where the beset noir movies will be screened.

Brno theatres to be illuminated to mark end of totalitarianism

Brno Daily |
23 August 2019

Illuminating important sites across Europe with the national colours of nations that are commemorating the victory of democracy over totalitarianism, and thus symbolically celebrating 30 years of freedom together – this is the goal of a group of students from the initiative 'Thank you, that we can'.

Olympic star Ledecká receives highest sports award in Czech Republic |
22 August 2019

Double Olympic gold medallist Ester Ledecká has received the Czech Republic's highest sports award for her history-making performance at last year's Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang.

Prague's National Museum opens large-scale Tutankhamun multi-media exhibit |
22 August 2019

Prague's National Museum, in association with Civita Mostre e Musei, opened a new exhibit on August 21st, as part of a project to commemorate 100 years of Czech Egyptology.

Honest Guide: Amazing parks in Prague

Honest Guide |
20 August 2019

There are many great parks in Prague where you can get your food and drinks delivered.

Brno's fitness backbone

Brno Daily |
21 August 2019

There is a part of Brno that, unless you ride a bike, rollerblade, jog, push a baby carriage or walk for exercise, you may not know about. Yet, many people will tell you that it is one of the best places to get a workout and a big reason that the City of Brno is so livable.

Don't Miss: Velvet Comedy Show, Latino Anděl and Festival of Illustration

By Narmin Ismiyeva | Prague Daily Monitor |
19 Aug 2019

On Wednesday, the pedestrian zone at Anděl will turn into a setting for a huge fiesta with meals, drinks and music from Mexico, Argentina, Cuba, or Brazil. Read below for more highlights of the week.

Richard Fidler: Prague and an uncanny sense of oddness

Radio Prague |
20 August 2019

The Australian broadcaster and writer Richard Fidler, author of bestsellers Ghost Empire and Saga Land, is writing a book that will look at a thousand years of Prague history, each episode told through the story of an individual who lived at the time.

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