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Czech and Slovak Photo Publications 1918–1989

Brooklyn Rail |
7 June 2019

Eight essays in Steidl's 509-page compilation, written in Czech and in English, outline the entanglement between political compulsions and images published in a nation consistently redefining itself throughout the twentieth century.

Czech-Maori cultural organisation to visit Brno as part of national tour

Brno Daily |
3 June 2019

The tour by Czech-Maori organisation "Whakaari Rotorua" is marking 155 years since the first Bohemians landed in New Zealand. Whakaari Rotorua's tour of the Czech Republic is underway, presenting Maori culture to Czech people and aiming to emphasise the already strong links between the two cultures.

Kids' Day with the Prague Lions

By Micah Lembke | Prague Daily Monitor |
31 May 2019

The Prague Lions continue their season this weekend at home against the Pilsen Patriots. Kids have free admission to the game and can participate in workshops.

Zika and Lida Ascher: Changing fashion forever

Prague TV |
31 May 2019

Zika and Lida Ascher played an important role in the history of the fashion world and textile design. Their fascinating life story is exhibited in "The Mad Silkman: Zika and Lida Ascher: Textiles and Fashion" at the Museum of Decorative Arts.

Tramps and hobos: A path to a new freedom

Prague TV |
31 May 2019

A Century of Tramping at Prague's Ethnographic Museum of the National Museum takes a more in-depth look into the lifestyle of Czech tramps and hobos.

A day at horseraces with children

By Paul Lysek | Prague Daily Monitor |
31 May 2019

On June 1st, the Velká Chuchle horserace track is hosting a children's day at the races. There are a broad range of activities planned, including free pony rides, outdoor playground, indoor activities and competitions with prizes.

Functionalist villa hosts yoga day

Yoga Movement Prague |
30 May 2019

Yoga & Special Places is a project connecting unusual places with yoga. The June 15 edition will take us to the functionalist villa at Barrandov hill. The event also supports a refuge for sick and battered horses.

Exhibition showcases work of Brno's first librarian Jiří Mahen

Brno Daily |
30 May 2019

The Moravian Library is commemorating 80 years since Jiří Mahen's death. Mahen is a well-known Czech playwright, novelist, and the founder of Brno's Public Library.

Honest Guide: Deep talk about tourism in Prague

Honest Guide |
29 May 2019

So our video about removing love locks went viral and it brought up an interesting talk about tourism and its sustainability. We sat down with Janek to our favourite coffee place to discuss the ups and downs of tourism in Prague.

The Best of Desperate Comedians

Prague TV |
28 May 2019

A two-hour monthly stand-up comedy in English at La Loca.

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