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Kestrel and her chicks nesting in a Prague window |
11 June 2019

A female bird of prey and its chicks have moved into a window box in a Prague panelák.

The Czech 'Church of Bones': Inside Sedlec Ossuary

11 June 2019

In the heart of the Czech countryside, Kutná Hora houses some of the most beautiful architecture in the whole of Bohemia. But amid its Baroque-style buildings and medieval churches, lies an attraction that's definitely not for the faint-hearted traveler.

Honest Guide: Best beer in the Czech Republic? In Plzeň

Honest Guide |
11 June 2019

Honza and Janek went to discover the city that gave us the best beer - Plzeň. What to do there, what to see and where to eat will show you their new guide.

The Honest Guide guys discuss their new book and lots more

Radio Prague |
11 June 2019

Janek Rubeš is the face of Honest Guide while Honza Mikulka does the camera and all the technical stuff. Their videos highlight great spots to see in Prague and warn visitors of scams to avoid. Now they have produced the book Honest Guide Prague, with illustrations by Eliška Podzimková.

Queens of the night

Radio Prague |
10 June 2019

In 2011 Prague hosted its first Gay Pride parade attended by about one million people. Prague has since become one of the most LGBT-friendly cities in Central Europe. Today there is an active gay scene in the city with gay bars and travesty shows attracting locals and foreign visitors.

Where to buy or pick Prague's most luscious strawberries |
7 June 2019

Strawberry season in the Czech Republic is short but sweet. This year the harvest has kicked off a bit late due to the autumn-like May weather. Here in Prague, the village of Kunratice is synonymous with strawberries, thanks to the Jakoubek family.

Remodeling the Czech definition of beauty

Transitions Online |
7 June 2019

The New Aliens agency must balance the challenges of business with the difficult dream of transforming ideas of beauty – unchanged for decades.

A family guide to Prague's most handsome park

The Little Adventurer |
6 June 2019

Jenny, an English teacher turned blogger who lived in Prague for three years, shows you why she thinks visiting Stromovka should be high up on your Prague to do list.

Jalta Palace reopened to public

Brno Daily |
6 June 2019

Jalta Palace, one of the long-abandoned historic functionalist buildings in the center of Brno, is opening its gates to the public.

Czech and Slovak Photo Publications 1918–1989

Brooklyn Rail |
7 June 2019

Eight essays in Steidl's 509-page compilation, written in Czech and in English, outline the entanglement between political compulsions and images published in a nation consistently redefining itself throughout the twentieth century.

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