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A Golden Inca created from ice in Brno's Moravské náměstí

Brno Daily |
17 December 2019

An enormous ice sculpture depicting a Golden Inca was created at Moravske namesti on Sunday. The unique time-limited sculpture is a part of an ongoing exhibition "Treasure of the Incas" at the Brno Exhibition Centre.

Czech history through the eyes of a filmmaker

Los Angeles Times |
16 December 2019

An interview with Ivan Passer about his 1969 escape with Milos Forman from their homeland evolved into many hours of his reflections as a witness to much of that history — a storyteller's account of its tragicomic absurdity and stubborn humanity.

10 best things to do in Prague this week |
16 December 2019

A major art exhibit opens at Prague Castle while a festival devoted to foreigners keeps things exciting midweek, and the weekend delivers pre-holiday fun.

10 best activities for families in Prague this week |
16 December 2019

A sweet take on the nativity scene, Christmas fairy tales for the whole family, and a robotics holiday workshop make this week's to-do list.

10 festive Czech and international Christmas markets |
16 December 2019

Pragu's Christmas markets are beloved by the masses, but for those who don't care for crowds, leaving town makes sense. These cities host delightful markets with unique features making them worthy of a day or even weekend trip.

The Žižkov TV tower - one of Prague's main landmarks

Radio Prague |
16 December 2019

Standing at a height of 216 metres the Žižkov TV tower is hard to miss. Designed by architect Václav Aulický the tower, housing a transmitter and meteorological observatory, was completed in 1992.

Sark Norman: A language spoken by only four people worldwide

UniMedia |
13 December 2019

Martin Neudörfl, a Czech student from the town of Český Krumlov, has embarked on documenting the exotic language of the island of Sark and revitalizing it. He even plans to teach the language in a local elementary school.

Prague's Advent-time lamplighter is the world's tallest, and one of the last |
13 December 2019

Prague is one of three cities left in the world to use lamplighters. During Advent, as a way to set the holiday mood, a tall man in First Republic-era outfit goes up and down Charles Bridge to personally light dozens of gas lamps.

10 essential rules for working better with international colleagues |
13 December 2019

Follow these simple ground rules to handle the international office environment with professionalism and ease

"Fashion 2.1" exhibition opens in Brno

Brno Daily |
12 December 2019

The status of fashion in today's world, its environmental impact, working conditions in the clothing industry around the world, and consumerism. These are the themes of a new exhibition at Brno's Urban Center.

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