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Rich programme at Charles University to commemorate events of 1939/1989

UniMedia |
12 November 2019

Czechs will be marking the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution, which began on November 17, 1989. Fifty years earlier, November 17 had seen the execution of nine students and professors by the Nazis. Both 1939 and '89 figure strongly in commemorative events and celebrations in the days ahead.

It's cold outside, so visit your local library

Brno Daily |
11 November 2019

Introduce your kids to the world at one of the many libraries around Brno. The possibilities are endless.

10 best things to do in Prague this week |
11 November 2019

This week sees citywide parties, parades, concerts, and exhibits marking 30 years since the Velvet Revolution.

Czechs and Germans in 1930s Czechoslovakia: a complex picture

Radio Prague |
11 November 2019

The Czech Radio archives give us a rich and nuanced picture of the months leading up to the Munich Agreement of September 1938 that resulted in Nazi Germany annexing huge areas of Czechoslovakia. The archives offer a sober warning of how easily a democratic state can be shattered through rumour, lies and propaganda.

In Prague, judging home-brewed beer like a local

Petaluma Argus Courier |
8 November 2019

As beer and food writers, we often try to coordinate our travel plans with a barbecue or beer judging competition. Lucky for us, the Prague Homebrew Competition lined up with our planned tour of the Czech Republic to study as many Czech style lagers as we can.

In Photos: A new home for Brno's llamas

Brno Daily |
8 November 2019

Lamacentrum, located in the "Jungle Quarry" in Brno, is run by the non-profit Hády Land Association. The place, which was closed for many years and overgrown with weeds, now runs educational programs for children.

Prague Zoo offering CZK 1 entry for kids during teachers' strike |
6 November 2019

Many schools in Prague and across the Czech Republic will be closed November 6 due to a teachers' strike. Prague Zoo in response is reducing the admission fee for children and students during the strike, and for adults.

Exchange office breaking law, caught on camera

Honest Guide |
5 November 2019

The Czech law gives you 3 hours to get your money back if you fall into an exchange tourist trap. Some of these exchange offices don't obey the law and refuse to give the money back. If this happens to you, call police immediately.

10 best things to do in Prague this week |
4 November 2019

From funk legends and punk rock heroes to something for lovers of burlesque style, this week delivers a feast for the senses

Better Self, Better World conference in Brno

Prague TV/Foreigners |
1 November 2019

Eight speakers from numerous countries and various fields of expertise will participate in the Better Self, Better World conference that is taking place on Saturday, November 30 in Brno.

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