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Patience with God by Tomáš Halík hits bookshelves worldwide

Radio Prague |
20 April 2009

A new book by Tomáš Halík, a Catholic priest and a renowned Czech theologian, has been put out by the US publisher Doubleday and hit the bookshelves in English-speaking countries around the world.

A boffo night of Baroque

Prague Post |
17 April 2009

Georg Friedrich Händel himself could not ask for a more loving, faithful and spirited re-creation of Rinaldo, his 1711 opera that the National Theater has magically brought back to life.

Catch of the day

Prague Post |
17 April 2009

Prague's most renowned chefs squared off in the Czech Republic's eighth annual Oyster Opening Championship.

Remembering Czech Expo success at the Brussels Atomium

Radio Prague |
17 April 2009

Expo 1958, the first global event of its kind after the Second World War, is remembered proudly by Czechs – with the Czechoslovak pavilion taking top prize.

Czech researchers set to return to Machu Picchu

Radio Prague |
15 April 2009

Czech researchers have begun preparing a return expedition to the ancient site of Machu Picchu, where they have monitored geological conditions over several years now.

Czechs have discovered new legal dance club drug

By Jaroslava Synáčová | Tý |
14 Apr 2009

Benzylpiperazine has become a new hit on the club scene. Dubbed "fake ecstasy", its main advantage is that it is legal.

A pilgrimage to the birthplace of Pilsner beer

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette/AP |
14 April 2009

The faintly bitter lager first produced in Plzeň more than a century ago gave rise to a style of beer that has since circled the globe.

Photographer Jiří Jírů on life behind the Iron Curtain, exile and ‘Photostroika’

Radio Prague |
14 April 2009

Jiří Jírů has snapped celebrities ranging from the Bee Gees to Queen Elizabeth II, and spent almost a decade working as President Václav Havel’s official photographer.

Stars Dance for Náruč charity event

Prague.TV |
14 April 2009

he Bios sports hall in Dobřichovice stages the charity dance event Hvězdy tančí pro Náruč ("Stars Dance for Náruč") on Saturday, 18 April.

Tugendhat – A gem threatened with collapse

By Adam Šůra |
Respekt |
29 Dec 2008

Tugendhat (ČTK)

Mies van der Rohe-designed Villa Tugendhat is slowly falling apart, but the planned reconstruction has again been postponed over problems surrounding the tender.

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