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The icemen rideth

Grant's Prague Bike Blog |
9 January 2009

Grant's Bike Blog

It was exhilarating to be riding on the empty country roads, the warm glow from the whisky helping to light the way.

At the Opera Ball

30 January 2009

In a sumptuous setting, a reprise of a proud Prague tradition.

Industrial-strength intimacy

Prague Post |
10 April 2009

SKUTR's latest piece of physical theater, La Pettite Mort/Malá Smrt, can only be described as elemental.

Plaque to honor communist president in Bratislava

aktuálně.cz |
10 April 2009

A plaque honoring former Czechoslovakia's communist president Gustav Husák is exactly the kind of matter that divides the inhabitants of Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia.

Max Brod bridging the gaps between Prague’s Germans and Czechs

Radio Prague |
9 April 2009

The question of identity in the multi-ethnic environment posed considerable challenges for leading intellectuals of the time; among them was the Prague writer, journalist and composer Max Brod.

Anti-NATO campaign in Soviet times remembered

aktuálně.cz |
9 April 2009

To emigrate is to betray and serve the western imperialists!

The Rožnov Easter festival

Captain Oddsocks |
7 April 2009

The Czech lands have some wonderfully colourful traditions connected with Easter, but unless you know where to look, they can be easy to miss.

Michelle Obama petitions Rabbi Loew during Prague visit

Radio Prague |
7 April 2009

While her husband spent the day in talks with EU leaders, Mrs Obama went on a tour of Prague's old Jewish ghetto.

You could be of any nationality and still feel Czechoslovak

Radio Prague |
7 April 2009

Author Peter Demetz talks about his life in pre-war Prague.

Czech author Kundera turns 80

Radio Prague |
2 April 2009

Perhaps the best known Czech author in the world today, Milan Kundera, turned 80 on Wednesday.

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