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Youth culture landmark turns middle-age

Prague Post |
10 December 2010

Lennon's 1980 death spurred the birth of a local institution.

VIDEO: ČR reconstructs Napoleon's biggest battle victory

9 December 2010

Some 1,200 volunteer soldiers in historical costumes participated in the reconstruction of Napoleon's biggest battle victory - the Battle of the Three Emperors - held near Brno Saturday, December 4.

Is it a rocket or a phallic symbol? Clock causes stir in Brno

Monsters and Critics |
9 December 2010

While Prague's astronomical clock celebrated its 600th anniversary in October, the people of Brno were adjusting to a new and very different timepiece dedicated in September in the city's central Freedom Square.

Emil Zátopek: The Czech with a heart of gold

Herald Sun |
9 December 2010

As Ron Clarke boarded a plane to depart Prague for Heathrow Airport in 1966, his host Emil Zátopek handed him a small box.. inside was an Olympic gold medal.

Happy birthday, R.M. Rilke

Prague Post |
8 December 2010

To commemorate the anniversary of the poet's birth, Colophon presents two early Prague poems written by Rilke, translated by Prague-based poet Anne Brechin.

New tome maps history of comics in Czechoslovakia

Radio Prague |
7 December 2010

Fans of Czech comic books or series have a fascinating new tome to pore over, the just released Encyklopedie komiksu (The Comics Encyclopaedia). The book covers series and strips published in Czechoslovakia between the years 1945 to 1989.

Teaching towards independence

Leaders Magazine |
6 December 2010

Interview with Marie Schifferová, director of the Sojourn Centre for rehabilitation and re-qualification for the Blind Dědina.

New Czech Fables

Radio Prague |
6 December 2010

New exhibition at the Kinský summer palace looks at modern Czech folklore, including what it was like to do compulsory military service under the Communists

Making a clean sweep

Radio Prague |
6 December 2010

Chimney sweeps do not usually occupy the front pages of Czech newspapers. But over the last week or so chimney sweeps and do-it-yourself tips on how to care for your chimney have been all the rage.

A dialogue for the ages

Prague Post |
3 December 2010

Two of the 20th-century's great scholars trace historic events as they happen.

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