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Unique cultivars made in the Czech Republic

12 October 2009

Learning what the crop can look like when handled by skilled vintners.

The Drones

Prague TV |
8 October 2009

The Drones, Aussie Garage Rock, target Lucerna Music Bar on Friday, October 9 as part of their European tour.

Casanova in Spa (Casanova v lázních)

Prague TV |
8 October 2009

As part of its regular repertoire, Švandovo divadlo stages an English-surtitled production of Casanova in Spa on Friday October 9.

Celebrating a lesser-known Czech legacy

New York Times |
7 October 2009

In the late 1940s, Bohuslav Martinů was the living composer whose works were most played by US symphony orchestras.

New National Museum building in Prague |
6 October 2009

The National Museum's new sibling opens its first exhibition.

A pilgrimage to Pelhřimov

The Journeys of Captain Oddsocks |
6 October 2009

Pelhřimov is best known as being the city of world records and the home of Poutník beer, one of the best brews in the country. But its old town centre has a fine collection of historic architecture.

Calais to Prague in a £150 banger |
6 October 2009

Despite being forced to dress as The Stig, getting lost, swerving around chickens and having a beard painted on his face by a passer-by in Austria,'s intrepid reporter completed the CzechWrecks rally in style.

Unsubstantiated tales of Ostrava’s tropical flora

Radio Prague |
5 October 2009

The Czech Republic’s third city and industrial hub.

Models' stories

Radio Prague |
5 October 2009

Iva Frühlingová wants her book to help others avoid the pitfalls of the modelling profession.

Antiquing in Prague

By Alyssa Pry | Prague Wanderer |
1 Oct 2009

How can someone pay CZK 8,000 for a disturbing alien sculpture with slanty eyes and sallow looking body, a student from America wanders while taking a tour around Prague antique shops.

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