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The Story of Semtex

BBC World |
19 November 2009

In the late 1950s, a Czech chemist called Stanislav Brebera invented an explosive which became notorious across the globe.

A child of the revolution

Prague Post |
13 November 2009

Born in November 1989, a student looks at what he's inherited.

How the Velvet Revolution overturned the literary landscape

Radio Prague |
16 November 2009

Writers were at the forefront of the Velvet Revolution. But when the dust settled on the political changes they found a fast changing publishing revolution underway that left some of them sidelined.

Czechs celebrate arrival of new St. Martin's vintage

Radio Prague |
12 November 2009

One of the better-known saints of the Catholic church, St. Martin is honored on 11 November in the Czech Republic with the Feast of St. Martin.

Communist deputy chair Josef Skála: Reforming the regime was the ambition of my generation

Radio Prague |
10 November 2009

Josef Skála, who recently became one of the Communist Party’s deputy leaders, shares his views on the totalitarian regime of the past and the party’s prospects in the future.

Tom Jones plays O2 Arena tonight

Prague TV |
10 November 2009

International pop legend Tom Jones visits Prague's O2 Arena on Tuesday, November 10 as part of a European tour.

The Four Corners of the Czech Republic: Podluží

Radio Prague |
5 November 2009

At the confluence of two great rivers is a natural reserve of marsh forest and a bastion of Moravian culture called Podluží, or "under the marshland".

Wine harvest festivals

The Journeys of Captain Oddsocks |
24 September 2009

Despite being little known abroad, burčák is a favourite and much anticipated drink in the Czech lands.

České Budějovice: More than the home of Budweiser |
3 August 2009

The small streets around Otokar II's square are ideal for aimless wandering, and there are enough restaurants and clubs to keep you entertained at night.

Mirror men

By Milan Gagnon | Prague Daily Monitor |
15 Jul 2009

The king is dead. Long live the kings!

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