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Ten days that shook the world

Prague Post |
4 September 2009

A photo exhibit kicks off the 20th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution and places events in a larger context.

Relax already: massage in Prague

Expats.cz |
2 September 2009

Among the many changes that have occurred in Prague over the last decade, massage is one of the most remarkable. Prague’s offerings include an ever-growing list of massage therapies, and here's the breakdown.

The growing fourth pipe phenomenon

By Evan Rail | Prague Daily Monitor |
1 September 2009

More and more pub owners in Prague are switching over from monopolistic suds to beers from independent brewers.

Flats, Hills, Gingerbread & Pain

Grant's Prague Bike Blog |
1 September 2009

I was looking for an excuse not to ride. In the end, I was presented with many, but took none.

Retracing a life-saving journey

31 August 2009

At home in London, Lisa Midwinter packs for a journey into her past; four days during which she, her son, and her granddaughter will relive her childhood experiences; four days to retrace her route out of Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia, and to meet the man whose actions saved her life.

"The Chamberlain Effect": When did World War Two really begin?

Radio Prague |
31 August 2009

British historian and politician David Faber's book, Munich: The 1938 Appeasement Crisis, focuses above all on the role of the British political establishment in the events leading up to the Munich Agreement.

Pivovarský dům in Bottles and the Return of Svatý Tomáš

By Evan Rail | Prague Daily Monitor |
27 August 2009

Considering the great potential in Czech beer tourism, it's great to see hotels in Prague taking beer seriously.

Stanley 'Robotman' Povoda -- father of Czech robotics

Radio Prague |
28 August 2009

After over half a century of bringing people's old colanders, chandeliers and vacuum cleaners to life, Stanley has just become the subject of his first retrospective in Prague's Trafačka Gallery.

From Prague to Cape Town – in a Trabant

Radio Prague |
28 August 2009

The East German car, Trabant, was the butt of many jokes during the communist era. A group of Czech travellers are currently gearing up to cross 11 countries and some 20,000 km by Trabant, all the way from Prague to Cape Town in South Africa.

High on Horňácko

By Martin Mráz | Prague Daily Monitor |
28 Aug 2009

Misused by the former communist regime and threatened by pop culture, traditional music and folklore is still kicking.

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