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Upcoming Prague concerts

Prague TV |
27 July 2010

Guide to the coming months' biggest and best gigs.

Jan Bubeník – one of the student leaders of the Velvet Revolution

Radio Prague |
27 July 2010

Jan Bubeník was one of the organisers of a student march in Prague on 17 November, 1989 to mark the anniversary of a Nazi crackdown on Czech universities 50 years previously.

Havel gets freedom -- to direct

Variety |
26 July 2010

Former Czech president calls shots for "Leaving".

Hearth and Horizon: cultural identity in a globalised world

Radio Prague |
26 July 2010

Czech Books visits the home of the distinguished philosopher and author, Professor Erazim Kohák, to discuss his book, Hearth and Horizon.

Super Špek Me

Radio Prague |
23 July 2010

A man loses six kilos after a month of Czech pub food.

Company re-issues forgotten toy classic from the 1970s

Radio Prague |
21 July 2010

The reissue of the plastic Igráček figures, which range from doctors and nurses to bricklayers and mailmen, is set to hit shelves in a few weeks.

Englishman completes 175 km swim down Vltava

Radio Prague |
20 July 2010

Paul Whitaker swam from the South Bohemian city of České Budějovice back to the Czech capital.

Gardening in Prague |
15 July 2010

If you find yourself living in an apartment and missing the chance to dig around in the soil, there are some opportunities to get your hands dirty and perhaps grow something fresh as well.

Prague: Revealing tales of the unexpected |
14 July 2010

Looking beyond Prague's obvious attractions.

Summer brings emptiness into Prague

Radio Prague |
12 July 2010

The start of the summer holidays has a profound effect on life in the Czech capital.

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