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A right to lust

Prague TV |
21 January 2010

The subtler charms of feminist pornography are finding an audience in the Czech Republic.

Last week 3/2010

By Ivan Lamper | Respekt |
20 Jan 2010

A 15-meter-long asteroid called 2010 AL30 missed Earth by a mere 125,000 kilometers. Éric Rohmer died. The media reported about a large earthquake that hit Haiti.

Prague Wine Week

Prague TV |
19 January 2010

From Monday, 18 January until Sunday, 24 January, Prague Wine Week comes to nearly 70 venues around the city to "celebrate the art of winemakers".

Mike Stannett – head of the Salvation Army in ČR

Radio Prague |
19 January 2010

Right now the Salvation Army is particularly busy, working to help the homeless through a freezing snap, and at its headquarters in Prague 13 Mike Stannett discussed just how the organisation has been coping with the situation.

Visit Prague, without barriers

Suite101.com |
19 January 2010

Prague's cobbles do not have to be a handicap.

Haiti earthquake

Expats.cz |
18 January 2010

A few local ways you can help aid the recovery.

Radka Denemarková and the importance of digging up skulls

Radio Prague |
18 January 2010

The novel "Peníze od Hitlera" (Money from Hitler), is one of the best Czech books I’ve read for a long time, and luckily for English-speaking readers, it has just been published in an excellent English translation by Women's Press in Toronto.

Travelling across Africa in a Trabant

Radio Prague |
14 January 2010

In late 2009 a group of travellers, including a journalist and filmmaker, conquered Africa in a Trabant - travelling all the way from Tunisia to Cape Town.

Mike Ostler: the Baťa reminiscence and resource centre in East Tilbury

Radio Prague |
12 January 2010

East Tilbury on the Thames estuary in Essex is a piece of the old Czechoslovakia planted in England. It was here in 1933 that the Zlín-based shoe empire Baťa opened its first English plant.

Harder, better, faster, stronger: A new you in 2010

Prague TV |
11 January 2010

Functional Fitness and a Paleo Diet could be the keys to a healthier, happier new year.

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