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World War 2: Czechs rise against Nazis |
22 September 2009

A widespread revolt has broken out against the Nazi authorities in the former Czech provinces of Bohemia and Moravia and Western Slovakia.

Squatters are not welcome

22 September 2009

Two recent incidents concerning squats and squatters in Prague have stirred up public interest in the subject.

Prague Planetarium goes digital

Radio Prague |
22 September 2009

A new, state-of-the-art, projection system allows onlookers to witness the skies as they were hundreds of years ago.

Burčák, mushrooms and falling leaves

Captain Oddsocks |
18 September 2009

By this time of year, keen observers will notice two things have appeared in great quantities in the Czech Republic. One is the cloudy, bottled liquid for sale at markets and streetside stalls and the other is the wicker baskets that people seem to have decided to carry all at once.

Astronomer Jiří Grygar on a life of promoting stargazing and scepticism

Radio Prague |
17 September 2009

It’s pretty fair to say that anybody in the Czech Republic who knows anything about astronomy has learned at least some of it from Dr. Jiří Grygar.

Expat Market |
16 September 2009 and Prague British School presents a live market place for members of the international community, to buy and sell their goods!

'Wine' season comes to Prague

New York Times |
15 September 2009

Burcak, fermented grape juice with a flavor that lies somewhere around spiked grapefruit juice or hard cider, has accumulated myths.

Czech scientists turn toxic waste into water

Radio Prague |
14 September 2009

The international team has created an enzyme that breaks some of the most persistent chemical waste products down into pure water and carbon dioxide, doing in a few months what takes nature hundreds of years.

Mikulov: wine today, water tomorrow

15 September 2009

Twenty years ago every stranger coming to Mikulov, South Moravia, was automatically suspect of trying to jump the Iron Curtain to Austria. Today, every newcomer is welcomed cordially.

Lots of answers to two questions

Radio Prague |
15 September 2009

There are two questions that I have been asked at least once a week for the last eleven-and-a-half years: "What do you like about the Czech Republic?" and "Don’t you miss America?"

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