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UFOs over Czech skies do battle with sceptics

Radio Prague |
21 August 2009

Last weekend there were reports from around the country of strange lights in the sky, flying about, flaring up, flaring out, chasing each other.

Hotels and restaurants slowly learning how to treat customers

Prague Daily Monitor |
21 Aug 2009

The Czech Republic, unfortunately, has developed something of a reputation for poor service that has been difficult to shake. Service can often be erratic, staff can be surly, and waiters, on occasion, can be unscrupulous in their dodgy calculation of bills.

Out of shape, but back in the saddle

Grant's Prague Bike Blog |
20 August 2009

Rolling hills, poppy pods, road fruit and beer on a gorgeously sunny day.

Prague Zoo head to run Bohemian National Hall in NYC

Radio Prague |
20 August 2009

Petr Fejk who transformed the zoo into one of the most exciting venues in Prague will now be heading to New York, where he will run the Czech Republic’s National Bohemian Hall.

South Bohemia: an attraction for beer-spa goers

Tourism Review |
19 August 2009

How to make roads safer

Radio Prague |
19 August 2009

Driving on busy dual-carriageways can be a hairy experience. Indeed, the Czech Republic has one of the highest rates of road fatalities in all of Europe; last year, nearly 1,100 people died on Czech roads.

Contemporary dance in Prague |
19 August 2009

Places around town where you can move your feet or watch someone else’s steps.

Planting the seeds of good deeds

Transitions Online |
18 August 2009

An unconventional Czech beauty queen builds an international children's charity with the help of mainly American volunteers.


By Silvie Lauder | Respekt |
17 Aug 2009

University students kicked out for political reasons began to rebel in 1989.

Hradec Králové |
17 August 2009

While on the surface it appears quite sleepy, this East Bohemian town holds some rare opportunities for culture vultures and Czechophiles.

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