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Prague university awarded for no-barrier project

9 December 2008

The private Metropolitan University in Prague has won the 2008 Handinnov Europe prize for its School Without Barriers project.

Prague Forests |
1 July 2009

City nature: Finding green spaces in Prague

A talking house

Prague Post |
15 October 2010

After five long years, the Bílek Villa in Hradčany is again open to the public.

Unfamiliar melodies

Prague Post |
12 October 2010

Returning for only its second year, Radio Autumn, a four-day festival of classical music sponsored by Czech Radio, once again brings an international cast of premier conductors and musicians to Prague to promote pieces of music not often featured in concert.

Brno's new clock provokes colourful reactions

Radio Prague |
27 September 2010

The south Moravian city has a new attraction. But many locals snicker at the six-metre tall object, and not just because it's quite hard to tell the time from it.

Borderless beats

Prague Post |
14 September 2010

Besh O Drom's international dance sound.

Cultural clash of cities reaches final days

Prague Post |
3 September 2010

Plzeň vs. Ostrava: On September 8, one will join the Belgian city of Mons in being named a European Capital of Culture for the year 2015.

Home, sweet home

Radio Prague |
16 August 2010

A look at the way Czechs furnish their apartments today.

Jan Žižka at Grunwald: from mercenary to Czech national hero

Radio Prague |
19 July 2010

The Battle of Grunwald, where 600 years ago the Polish and Lithuanian armies defeated the mighty order of the Teutonic Knights, changed the map of central Europe. The legendary Czech 15th century general Jan Žižka took part in the battle on the side of the Poles.

Mystic Sk8 Cup 2010

Prague TV |
30 June 2010

The Mystic Sk8 Cup returns to Štvanice island's Mystic Skate Park on Friday. This year's event will feature around 150 of the world's top riders competing in street, bowl and trick contests.

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