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Planting the seeds of good deeds

Transitions Online |
18 August 2009

An unconventional Czech beauty queen builds an international children's charity with the help of mainly American volunteers.


By Silvie Lauder | Respekt |
17 Aug 2009

University students kicked out for political reasons began to rebel in 1989.

Hradec Králové |
17 August 2009

While on the surface it appears quite sleepy, this East Bohemian town holds some rare opportunities for culture vultures and Czechophiles.

A cab on both sides of the road: Iva Pekárková's London

Radio Prague |
17 August 2009

Iva Pekárková's books have taken readers to New York, Nigeria, and now London and Senegal, breaking the stereotype of Czech literature as inward-looking and local.


Prague TV |
14 August 2009

Cult Norwegian "deathpunk" band Turbonegro spook Palác Akropolis on Saturday, August 15.

Madonna’s Czech B-Day Party for Rocco

The Gossip Girls |
15 August 2009

Always the doting mother, Madonna wasn’t about to let her tour plans interfere with her son Rocco’s birthday party. The Material Girl rented out Troja Castle in Prague, Czech Republic to make a grand display of her boy’s big day.

Customers learn art of brewing at Olomouc pub

Radio Prague |
13 August 2009

Clients of the Moritz restaurant in Olomouc are given the opportunity to assist in beer preparation.

'Bleak Island'

By Marek Švehla | Respekt |
11 Aug 2009

As the Iron Curtain collapsed, the Czechoslovak opposition was nowhere to be found.

Festival for 'biggest Czech name' has second outing |
11 August 2009

The Dvořák's Prague (Dvořákova Praha) festival is bringing international ensembles to Prague to celebrate the work of Czech composer Antonín Dvořák.

Brno |
10 August 2009

The Czech Republic's second largest city isn't just a smaller version of Prague.

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