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Former president Havel wins Kafka Prize for literature

27 October 2010

Czech playwright and former president Václav Havel on Tuesday received the annual international Franz Kafka literary prize for his plays and essays. An international nine-member jury picked Havel out of 14 authors.

Misha Glenny - UK writer with close ties to Prague

Radio Prague |
26 October 2010

Speaking recently at the close of the Forum 2000 conference in Prague, Misha Glenny recalled his very first visit, towards the end of 1980.

Czech photographer one of the winners in BBC Wildlife competition

Radio Prague |
25 October 2010

Patrik Bartuška's photograph of a tiger-shark – taken in New South Wales, Australia – was selected as one of the five best in the undersea category in the annual Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition.

Prague's complex exterior

By Braum Katz | Prague Daily Monitor |
11 Oct 2010

Touring the city's communist architecture

Gail Naughton and the Czech books of Iowa

Radio Prague |
20 September 2010

If you want to find out more about the long history of Czechs and Slovaks in the United States, the place to start is The National Czech and Slovak Museum and Library in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

New Brno clock strikes a chord

Prague Post |
17 September 2010

A 5.5 meter tall obelisk made from African granite in the shape of a bullet (or various other objects, depending on whom you ask), referred to as the "Brno horologe" is to be unveiled 18 September.

Hemp Fair 2010 |
15 September 2010

International Cannabis Fair comes to Thámova hala in Karlín this weekend. A three day celebration of all things hemp-related is the first of its kind in this country.

Vinobraní na Grébovce

Prague TV |
14 September 2010

This merry event is just one of many festivals across the country where wine-enthusiasts can get together to celebrate the grape harvest and have a good time.

A festival the kids can see, feel, smell

Radio Prague |
3 September 2010

As the school year begins, an uncommon sort of festival for children kicks off on Prague's ancient hill of Vyšehrad.

Pottery on Kampa

Prague TV |
1 September 2010

The Traditional Pottery Market on Kampa sets up its stalls this weekend. Along with more than 20 stands selling ceramics and other handicrafts, the event also features live music and theatre, and is aimed primarily at families with children.

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