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Alchemy reading at Globe Café & Bookstore

Prague TV |
4 January 2010

American expat poet D.E. Oprava will be reading from his new book, American Means, which has been described as "giving America back to Americans" and "giving value back to our dreams."

Experimental stage to become National Theatre's newest venue in 2010

Radio Prague |
31 December 2009

Long one of Prague's top attractions, Laterna Magika’s popularity has diminished over the years, and as of 2010 the building and the its programme management will be transferred to the National Theatre, which is quite literally giving it a new lease on life.

New Year fireworks

Prague TV |
31 December 2009

Prague's traditional New Year fireworks (Novoroční ohňostroj) display takes to the river this year, splashing light and sound across the sky on Friday.

New Year's Lunacy

Prague TV |
30 December 2009

On 31 December, we will given 2 New Year's Eve lunar gifts.

Secret Gardeners

By Joann Plocková | Prague Daily Monitor |
17 Jun 2009

Leaving no crack unseeded, a guerrilla group of enthusiasts is helping green Prague.

Czechs pay tribute to Karel Čapek

Radio Prague |
29 December 2009

On December 25th some 200 people gathered at Prague's Vyšehrad cemetery to pay tribute to one of the greats of Czech literature – twentieth century writer Karel Čapek.

Respekt Weekly Roundup

Respekt |
14 Dec 2009

The government decided that people growing or holding up to five marijuana plants or 40 magic mushrooms would not face imprisonment but could be fined. Stores started offering Christmas discounts.

Prague losing greenery

Radio Prague |
3 December 2009

There's been a decrease in the number of trees in Prague, because the city authorities have permitted more cutting than planting in the last five years, says the environmental group Arnika.

Barbara Day and the Velvet Philosophers

Radio Prague |
7 December 2009

Constantly harangued by Czechoslovakia’s secret police – the StB – visiting lecturers, including some of the world's most renowned philosophers, would meet secretly at private flats. Barbara Day's book, The Velvet Philosophers, recounts the details of how these underground seminars worked.

Exhibition of work by legendary illustrator/animator Jiří Trnka opens

Radio Prague |
11 December 2009

This week saw the opening of a new exhibition of some of the best work by one of former Czechoslovakia's most famous illustrators, painters as well as the father of Czech animated film, Jiří Trnka, who died in 1969.

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