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Jan Žižka at Grunwald: from mercenary to Czech national hero

Radio Prague |
19 July 2010

The Battle of Grunwald, where 600 years ago the Polish and Lithuanian armies defeated the mighty order of the Teutonic Knights, changed the map of central Europe. The legendary Czech 15th century general Jan Žižka took part in the battle on the side of the Poles.

Mystic Sk8 Cup 2010

Prague TV |
30 June 2010

The Mystic Sk8 Cup returns to Štvanice island's Mystic Skate Park on Friday. This year's event will feature around 150 of the world's top riders competing in street, bowl and trick contests.

Composer gone, not forgotten

Prague Post |
28 June 2010

Anniversary offers chance to hear persecuted Reiner's innovative work.

An anarchist's guide to Prague transit

Radio Prague |
21 June 2010

It is a good transit system. And the best thing is that it's free, as long as you follow certain rules, all of which involve the 'revizor', a word that strikes fear into the heart of every anarchist.

The marvels of Mikulov

The Journeys of Captain Oddsocks |
22 June 2010

Visitors interested in architecture and history will find few Czech towns with as much to offer as Mikulov in South Moravia.

Every team has its fans in Riegrovy sady

Radio Prague |
17 June 2010

In the week since the tournament began, one Prague locale in particular stands out as "the" place to watch the games; not just for Praguers, but also for the tens of thousands of foreigners who inhabit the Czech capital.

Little rides, lovely ladies, big fun

Grant's Prague Bike Blog |
15 June 2010

The path from Černý Vůl to Roztoky is great because it's almost entirely free of traffic.

Cold war nuclear bomb shelter

The Journeys of Captain Oddsocks |
2 June 2010

A toadstool of reinforced concrete growing at the base of the Bezruč gardens city walls conceals the entrance to Olomouc's newest historic attraction.

A remarkable book tells a story of resilience and courage

Radio Prague |
1 June 2010

Not many people have their first book published when they are over 80, but Jaroslava Skleničková is a remarkable exception.

Light at the end of the tunnel for Prague cyclists

Grant's Prague Bike Blog |
31 May 2010

Prague will have its own bike tunnel to brag about at 350 meters long, going under the iconic Žižkov monument on top of the Vítkov hill.

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