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Prague's islands, flood-damaged districts, focus of Architecture Week 2009

Radio Prague |
24 September 2009

To mark International Architecture Week, a number of walking tours, open days and lectures have been organized to shine the spotlight on modern architecture in the Czech capital. Read the interview with one of the organizers of the festival.

Major-General Miloslav Kašpar |
28 December 2009

Major-General Miloslav Kašpar, who has died aged 95, fought with Czechoslovak forces in eastern Europe and France during the Second World War, and was responsible for choosing the team which assassinated Reinhard Heydrich.

For love of Luke (A Christmas story)

Gusto |
28 December 2009

I almost died 30 years ago this Christmas.

Road Side Mary at Chapeau Rouge

Prague.TV |
23 December 2009

Road Side Mary + Hustler State + DJ Miruf World Audiovisual & DJ Electrom & DJ Caramba at Chapeau Rouge.

Christmas in Prague |
23 Dec 2009

Merry-making for all across the city.

The story of butcher: Carving a way out of the red

aktuálně.cz |
22 December 2009

Unlike many store-bought sausages, Václav Klátil's secret family recipe-made klobásas are award winning.

Kočky Online |
22 December 2009

Helping our fuzzy four-legged friends.

Panoramic photo taken from Žižkov TV tower sets new record

Radio Prague |
22 December 2009

A photograph taken from Prague's landmark Žižkov TV tower has set a new record for the largest known spherical panoramic photograph in the world.

Martin Kříž – an expert on China who's also helping black Czech children with a new NGO

Radio Prague |
22 December 2009

Martin Kříž had the "painful experience" of growing up as a mixed-race child in more or less mono-cultural pre-1989 Prague. Now in his 40s, he is helping today's black Czech children through a new organisation called Čokoládové děti, Chocolate Children.

Gateway to the world of Czech literature

Radio Prague |
21 December 2009

On 1 December a great new source of information about Czech literature was launched – an English language version of the Czech Literature Portal. I went to visit Viktor Debnár of the Arts Institute in Prague, which is responsible for the project, and Jaroslav Balvín, the portal's editor, to find out more.

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