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Second chance for a car that could have been a classic

Radio Prague |
27 May 2011

Playing the game "what would have happened" with the Prague Spring and the Soviet invasion can yield a million answers, one of which might be that Czechoslovaks would have been zooming around in sleek, little Czech-made sports cars.


Radio Prague |
26 May 2011

If you love long romantic walks, soft landscapes full of leafy forests, quiet streams, and virgin meadows, Průhonice is a must.

In the future everybody will have their own bike lane |
25 May 2011

Two artists from Prague are quite literally highlighting the dearth of cycle lanes in the Czech capital after hooking up a pico projector to a bicycle to illuminate a cycle lane, complete with bike marking, onto the road ahead.

Biking in the city: the madness & the beauty

Grant's Prague Bike Blog |
24 May 2011

Commuting in Prague is like diving into a cold swimming pool.

Fabrice Martin-Plichta – a journalist helping deliver "waste" foodstuffs to those in need

Radio Prague |
24 May 2011

Le Monde correspondent Fabrice Martin-Plichta has also been the head of the Czech Federation of Food Banks, an organisation which every year saves hundreds of tonnes of food from being destroyed and distributes it among the needy.

Nessie sighted on a Czech breakfast table

Radio Prague |
23 May 2011

A Scottish visitor to Prague in 1938.

Prague's Golden Lane to reopen to visitors

Radio Prague |
20 May 2011

After the street reopens in June of this year some of the houses will serve as museum exhibits – their interiors reflecting their former use.

Flower Power Spring Party

Prague TV |
19 May 2011

The Netherlands-Czech Chamber of Commerce, which represents major, but also SME Dutch, Czech and other international companies active on the Czech market, is organizing one of its most well-known events, the FLOWER POWER SPRING PARTY, on 19 May, 2011 from 17.30 in the Žofín Garden.

Veltrusy Chateau

Radio Prague |
19 May 2011

Founded in the 1700s by Czech nobleman Václav Antonín Chotek, Veltrusy is far from an obvious destination, but is well-worth a day-trip.

In the footsteps of their father: The journey of Mary and George Jaksch

Radio Prague |
18 May 2011

In 1939, the chairman of the German Social Democratic Workers Party in the Czechoslovak Republic, Wenzel Jaksch, saw himself forced to escape his native land after it was invaded by Germany – staying would have put him, who opposed the growing influence of the Nazis in Sudeten-German politics, in grave danger.

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