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Lost masterpiece rediscovered at Prague Castle

Radio Prague |
10 August 2009

Caretakers at Prague Castle rediscovered a 15th century wooden Statue of the Crucified Christ, 20 years after losing track of where it was stored.

Maradona Jazz

Prague TV |
7 August 2009

Combining live musicians and DJs, Prague-based Maradona Jazz play lively Latin-flavored lounge and chill-out music.

Historic hobbyists

Prague Post |
7 August 2009

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it's all worthwhile for members of one Prague club.

Connoisseurs of the keyboard

Prague Post |
7 August 2009

Annual organ fest commemorates Czech composer Petr Eben.

Boy meets boy toy

By Lyle Frink | Prague Daily Monitor |
7 Aug 2009

Take one small boy and add a Lamborghini, the ultimate boy toy, and you'll learn a thing or two about the power of a motor vehicle.

Neat trick

Radio Prague |
3 August 2009

Three Czech fans got on stage not long ago with the Irish rock group U2. In the front rows of a packed stadium in Berlin, they held up signs saying they knew how to play one of U2’s songs. And it worked: the trio got invited up. But the real trick wasn’t getting on stage, as unlikely as that was. That was the easy part! No, it was the performing that must have really been tough.

1989 student defamation case still unresolved after eighteen years in court

Radio Prague |
6 August 2009

The wheels of Czech justice are famously slow to turn, with court cases dragging on for what seems like – and often is – years.

The return of Krušovice Černé

By Evan Rail | Prague Daily Monitor |
6 August 2009

Krušovice Černé is once again made without artificial colourings and sweeteners and seems better off for it.

Clearing the air

Transitions Online |
5 August 2009

In Prague, drinking without smoking catches on one place at a time.

I'm not walkin' down all these stairs!

Reuters Blogs |
4 August 2009

Centuries ago, in what is now the Czech Republic, angry mobs defenestrated people from tall windows. The events are still celebrated today.

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