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The best daytrips from Prague

Captain Oddsocks |
2 June 2009

The strategy of using a big city as a base for day trips into the surrounding countryside is a popular one, and there are plenty of interesting destinations within an hour or so of Prague.

Terezín: inconceivable suffering, death and gift shops

aktuálně.cz |
2 June 2009

Terezín was used by the Gestapo as propaganda, portrayed in a film for the International Red Cross as a "Family Camp" with optimal living conditions. The reality was that Terezín was a concentration camp for Jews on their way to death, and a place of torture and starvation for political prisoners.

Music legend Waldemar Matuška dies at 76

Radio Prague |
2 June 2009

Waldemar Matuška’s baritone was just as distinct as his appearance, and both have earned him enormous popularity ever since the beginning of his career in Prague in the early 1960s.

Rare Plastic People footage unearthed for series of collector’s DVDs

Radio Prague |
1 June 2009

Former band member Ivan Bierhanzl and filmmaker Keith Jones have embarked upon an ambitious project to make a series of DVDs dedicated to the ‘Plastici’, but not, necessarily, as you know them.

Along the river and through the woods

Grant's Prague Bike Blog |
1 June 2009

The cycling path runs right beside the railroad tracks, and when a train roars by, it's hard not to turn into a kid again, marveling at the sight and sound.

'Object' of my affection

Prague Post |
29 May 2009

My father's StB file reveals as much about the secret police as it does about him.

Castles of the Český ráj

The Journeys of Captain Oddsocks |
27 May 2009

The Český ráj is often among the first destinations suggested to any foreign traveller who asks local advice about places outside Prague.


Grant's Prague Bike Blog |
26 May 2009

We walked our bikes across the railroad bridge, hoping that a train didn't suddenly appear.

Politics and the Golden Foot at the 1980 Olympics

Radio Prague |
22 May 2009

Part of the American response to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979 was a threat to boycott the 1980 Moscow Summer Olympics. The Soviet troops stayed put and the boycott went ahead, initiated by US President Jimmy Carter. To a greater or lesser extent, dozens of countries joined the protest.

Enter the labyrinth

22 May 2009

A group exhibition on the site of a former sewage cleaning plant takes interactive art to new heights, creating an atmospheric experience that can be enjoyed by visitors of all ages.

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