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Czech violinist wins Michael Hill competition

National Business Review |
15 June 2009

The twenty three year old Czech violinist Josef Špaček was declared the winner of this years Michael Hill International Violin Competition.

Czech contestant wins song prize

15 June 2009

Czech bass Jan Martiník has won the song prize in the BBC Cardiff Singer of the World competition.

New Zealander explores west Bohemian roots

aktuálně.cz |
15 June 2009

Coming all the way from the other side of the planet and speaking no Czech, her search for family roots and possibly some living relatives in the Czech Republic reminded Barbara Straka of the adventures once experienced by her predecessors.

A new look for a new era

Prague Post |
12 June 2009

The National Theater's ballet company is returning to the New Stage after 16 years with a significant new dance event titled "Extreme."

World Wrestling Entertainment presents Raw Live!

Prague.TV |
11 June 2009

The WWE circus comes to town on Thursday, 11 June when Raw Live! slams into Tesla Arena.

The award no ad-man wants to win: the Sexist Piggy Prize

Radio Prague |
11 June 2009

The latest advertising contest underway is one that competitors will not be keen on winning. The Sexist Piggy prize goes to the advertiser responsible for the most sexist ad, and it’s been turning a lot of heads itself.

Emanuel Moravec – the face of Czech collaboration with the Nazis

Radio Prague |
11 June 2009

Emanuel Moravec became dubbed ‛the Czech Quisling’ – a reference the more famous Norwegian collaborator. In this week’s Czechs in History, Chris Johnstone explores Moravec’s complex character and path to collaboration.

The destruction of Lidice

The Journeys of Captain Oddsocks |
10 June 2009

Early on the morning of 10 July, an SS Task Force surrounded Lidice and rounded up all the villagers.

Czechoslovak history through one family's fate

By Hana Gomoláková |
Prague Daily Monitor |
26 Nov 2007

In his book Reflections of Prague: Journeys Through the 20th Century, Ivan Margolius refracts Czechoslovak history through the prism of his family's fate, from the prosperous, democratic 1930s through the Nazi occupation, the rise of communism and the Stalinist show trials.

Energy and emotion on display at Prague Romani festival

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty |
8 June 2009

The Khamoro festival -- that’s “little sun” in Romani -- draws hundreds of artists and volunteers from across Europe and the United States every year.

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