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Christmas in Prague |
7 December 2009

Merry-making for all across the city.

Winger plays Exit Chmelnice

Prague.TV |
7 December 2009

The veteran American metal band is currently touring in support of their latest album, Karma, which was released last October.

Around Town: A tree, a song and a beard

Prague Post |
4 December 2009

In a blend of old and new, with a dose of mulled wine mixed in, the Nov. 28 lighting of the traditional Christmas tree on Old Town Square came off without a hitch.


Journeys of Captain Oddsocks |
2 December 2009

Tábor is one of the most attractive and unusual historic towns in Bohemia.

Building cultural bridges

1 December 2009

Some of the current programs of the US Embassy in Prague have been aimed at offering educational exchanges and connections on contemporary issues that both countries share, including the impact of the financial crisis on art institutions.

When the Mariánské Lázně hunters become the hunted

Radio Prague |
30 November 2009

It is surprising where detours can sometimes take you.

Jan Žižka from Trocnov

Captain Oddsocks |
30 November 2009

Just outside Trocnov in South Bohemia, an unpaved but smooth trail leads through thick forest to a gently sloping. Near the upper end stands a colossal broad shouldered statue of Czech history's most colossal warrior, Jan Žižka.

Museum and galleries look back at the dark old days

Prague Post |
27 November 2009

National Museum display in former RFE/RL building leads communist exhibits.

The library can be sexy too, say naked students

Radio Prague |
27 November 2009

The concept of the library needs some spicing up, it seems. Too drab, too grey, too asexual, say student bookworms at Brno’s Masaryk University. So how to improve the situation? How about taking off the librarian’s clothes? Guerrilla Readers, an association whose primary aim is to promote reading, has printed a calendar to give some sex appeal to libraries in 2010.

Child write-offs

Transitions Online |
27 November 2009

The Czech education system is knowingly turning out thousands of unemployable young people.

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