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After the Berlin Wall, nostalgia for communism creeps back

The Christian Science Monitor |
10 November 2009

In the airy lobby of the Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes, George Santayana's immortal words are a daily reminder to Czech staffers digitizing millions of Communist-era files: "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

Ivan Klíma: a sceptic in the era of entertainment culture

Radio Prague |
9 November 2009

One of the best known and most widely translated of all Czech writers talks about the years since the fall of communism.

Steam trains still puffing through south Bohemia

9 November 2009

All at once the calm in the forest was broken by the shrill sound of a steam whistle. A line of historic wooden wagons appeared towed by a steam locomotive, all dating from times when our grandparents were young. Today “the Narrow” is among the most frequented historical landmarks in South Bohemia.

Neighbours in a foreign country

Radio Prague |
6 November 2009

For most, life stayed much the same after the split of Czechoslovakia at the beginning of 1993. But the split did have a very real impact on people living close to the border.

Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague

Prague TV |
9 November 2009

With a collection ranging from antique wedding dresses to vintage advertisements, this Old Town collection celebrates style over the last five centuries.

Award for Karel Gott stirs up controversy

5 November 2009

On the 91st anniversary of the establishment of an independent Czechoslovak state President Klaus presented state decorations to 23 individuals, including singer Karel Gott, who received a Medal for Merit, 1st degree.

Budget living in Prague |
4 November 2009

Money, money, money. There never seems to be enough. And now with the prices in Prague rising, you may be finding that your income just isn't covering what it used to cover. So how can you cut some corners?

Fishing for Christmas carp in Czech ponds

aktuálně.cz |
3 November 2009

The Czech lands have a long tradition of fishing. Out of 52,000 hectares of ponds in the country, 42,000 are used for fish breeding. The 2009 fish harvesting is in full swing.

Going Gay: A Queer Guide to Prague

aktuálně.cz |
2 November 2009

While the queer scene here in Prague is quite vibrant, there is only one exclusively lesbian (though gay boy-friendly) bar, the others having been opened as gay male hangouts originally, and frequented now by queers of all genders.

Purple suits long gone but 'period' café remains

Radio Prague |
2 November 2009

The End of Czechoslovakia as Seen from the Parliament is a fascinating portrait of the end of an era and a rare chance to see the interior of one of Prague's most distinctive buildings, the Federal Assembly.

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