Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Real Estate

CBA analysis: Czech housing prices may have peaked, but not in central Prague

Radio Prague |
30 August 2019

A study published by the Czech Banking Association predicts housing prices will decrease slightly in the coming years, mainly in municipal districts where more apartment complexes are being built.

Controversial Velký Špalíček building up for sale

Brno Daily |
29 August 2019

The Velký Špalíček shopping centre in Brno is up for sale, according to Czech TV. When Špalíček opened at Dominikánská 5 almost 20 years ago, it met with strong public criticism. The building was built upon Gothic cellars, and in the view of many, its architecture and design do not respect its surroundings.

House Hunting in … the Czech Republic

The New York Times |
22 August 2019

In the capital city of Prague, developmental red tape and high construction costs have led to short supply and rising prices.

Real estate taxes to increase in most of Prague after long being stagnant

Expats.cz |
13 August 2019

Most Prague districts agreed to an increase the real estate tax coefficient. Some 53 out of a total of 57 districts were in favor of changing the method of determining the amount of tax, according to Deputy Mayor Pavel Vyhnánek (Praha sobě). The four districts not planning an increase were not identified.

Interview with co-founder of New York property site Igluu Martin Mucha

Radio Prague |
12 August 2019

Despite being in his early 30s, Martin Mucha is already a successful Czech businessman in New York. Many locals may know Igluu, the real estate website he co-founded which claims to be the largest source of verified home listings in the Big Apple.

Prague property prices down for first time since 2011

Radio Prague |
24 July 2019

The price of flats in Prague has gotten cheaper by 0.3 percent according to data for the past three months, the first drop since 2011, according to the Czech Statistics Agency. However, experts say they do not expect any sharp decrease or increase. Meanwhile, prices for flats outside Prague continue to grow, by 2 percent in the past three months, Czech Radio's news site iRozhlas reports.

Prague flats most expensive in Central Europe, in terms of average earnings

Radio Prague |
18 July 2019

The average apartment in the centre of Prague is not only far more expensive than a comparable flat other central European capitals, such as Bratislava or Warsaw, it is approaching that of Berlin. This is according to the website Numbeo, which bills itself as the world's largest database of worldwide housing (real estate) prices.

Czech Republic has second fastest growing property prices in EU

Brno Daily |
15 July 2019

According to the newest Eurostat data regarding the first quarter of 2019, Czech Republic has the second fastest growing property prices after Hungary. Last year, property prices in Czechia were ranked seventh in terms of fastest growth, at 7.5%.

New figures show Prague now needs housing for 1.55 million

Expats.cz |
15 July 2019

The city has been underestimating the number of people in Prague, and this has a big impact on future urban planning. While the Czech Statistical Office puts the figure at 1.3 million, the real figure of people in the city on a daily basis is almost half a million people higher.

Apartment rental prices are so high, Czechs are now moving to Germany

Expats.cz |
9 July 2019

Rental costs have gotten so high, Czechs are now moving to Germany. It sounds like the punchline to a bad joke, but it's now a reality in the Czech Republic in areas near the German border, reports Česká televize.

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