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Airbnb 2.0 and suburban migration: Six expert predictions for the Prague real estate market |
6 May 2020

According to newly released research by UBS Global Wealth Management (GWM), there's a chance the residential market in Prague will slow down this year, though UBS analysts expect positive price growth to return later on – just at a slower pace than before.

Virtual viewings are on the rise as Prague realtors navigate social distancing |
30 April 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has closed the door on open houses, but opened a digital window onto virtual home tours

How is coronavirus affecting Prague's real estate market?

Radio Prague |
2 April 2020

The travel ban instituted due to the ongoing coronavirus epidemic has had an effect on the prices of rent within Prague, with some owners of Airbnb properties offering their flats for long-term rent instead. A wider impact on property prices is also possible, some experts say. In order to stimulate the housing market, the finance minister has proposed the cancellation of the real estate transfer tax.

Prague 6's planned Bořislavka Centrum wins international award |
20 February 2020

The planned Prague 6 shopping and office complex Bořislavka Centrum has won Best International Office Development in the International Property Awards 2019–2020. The complex by Prague-based Aulík Fišer architekti will have four buildings that resemble crystals.

Mind the gap: Price difference for flats near Prague metro stops is closing |
7 February 2020

Living near the Prague metro makes life convenient, but buying flats located neat the stops can be a bit expensive. The cheapest flats were at Černý Most while the most expensive were at Staroměstská. And while prices are rising, the growth rate has slowed down, according to, a site that tracks real estate prices. But the gap between prices in the center and at the edge has been closing.

Czech billionaire pays EUR 130 mln for 6% in biggest office owner in Romania |
31 January 2020

Radovan Vitek, the third richest Czech, has bought over 6% of real estate developer and investor Globalworth, the largest owner of office buildings in Romania that is also active on the Polish market. The Czech investor, who operates through his company CPI Property Group (CPIPG), paid almost EUR 130 million for just over 6% of Globalworth.

Czech developers tangled in kafkaesque maze of red tape

The Business Times |
21 November 2019

Bureaucratic hurdles have capped the flow of new apartments at a rate that's changed little in the last decade despite housing prices staying relentlessly high.

Na Příkopě shown to be 18th most expensive street in the world

Prague Daily Monitor |
15 Nov 2019

A study done by Cushman and Wakefield, and advisory firm, shows that Prague's Na Příkopě street is the world's 18th most expensive in terms of real estate rents. Rent on the mainly pedestrian road, known as the tourist shopping main street, can reach EUR 2820 a metre.

These are the districts with the fastest-growing rents in Prague |
5 November 2019

Rents in Prague are rising fastest in housing projects, according to an analysis by Deloitte covering the past five years. In the period under review, rental prices responded with a slight delay to the rise in selling prices of owner-occupied dwellings, both in the segment of new buildings and the resale of older apartments.

CBA analysis: Czech housing prices may have peaked, but not in central Prague

Radio Prague |
30 August 2019

A study published by the Czech Banking Association predicts housing prices will decrease slightly in the coming years, mainly in municipal districts where more apartment complexes are being built.

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