Monday, 26 October 2020

Report: President Zeman's health condition very good

18 August 2017

Prague, Aug 17 (CTK) - The health condition of Czech President Milos Zeman, 72, is very good, he only suffers from neuropathy in his feet, a comprehensive check-up has shown, his spokesman Jiri Ovcacek and doctor Martin Holcat, head of Zeman's health team, said in a joint press release on Thursday.

Zeman has long suffered from diabetes and polyfunctional neuropathy impairing the sensitivity of his feet.

This week, Ovcacek was refuting on social network the information saying Zeman had undergone a foot surgery. Ovcacek said some journalists had asked him about this.

"On the basis of the results (of the examination), we can state that the current health conditions of Mr President is very good. He has lost weight and his long-time blood sugar level has stabilised thanks to a change in his regime and a diet," Ovcacek said.

Zeman's health condition drew attention before the summer holiday since he had looked tired during several official events.

His aides had to support him when he was walking during the visit to China in May. Other statesmen had to wait until he was transported on wheelchair for their joint photographing.

Zeman said in June he considered his health condition the same throughout his mandate, with some small swings only.

"In my case, the only reason is my deteriorated walking, which is unpleasant, but as I have already said politics is done by the brain and not by the legs," he told reporters during his visit to Vietnam in June.

Zeman is the first Czech president elected directly in January 2013. His five-year term expires in early 2018. He announced that he would seek re-election.

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