Thursday, 21 November 2019
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The Czech National Bank has unveiled a plan to issue several series of commemorative coins and banknotes between the years 2021 and 2025, reflecting important anniversaries in Czech history. Apart from silver and gold coins, the bank will also release Czech ducats for the first time ever. The first series of ducats is scheduled to be issued in 2023, commemorating the 100th anniversary of the first emission of the co-called Saint Wenceslas ducat.

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Czech Premier Andrej Babiš and the Minister of Defence Lubomír Metnar announced that the Czech Republic will take command of the EU training mission in Mali for six months during 2020. The commander of the operation is set to be the Director of the Agency for Communication and Information Systems Brigadier General František Ridzák.

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The family brewery Bernard needs to expand its facilities in Humpolec on land it owns around the brewery. The city administration did not pass the resolution to rezone the designation on plan. The current zoning usage is residential, Bernard requested the zoning be changed to industrial.

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Bureaucratic hurdles have capped the flow of new apartments at a rate that's changed little in the last decade despite housing prices staying relentlessly high.

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Two years after the Gambling Act came into effect in the Czech Republic, having set a completely new regulatory landscape for gambling, there are now some important changes in the pipeline.

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The Czech government approved 500 m CZK / 19.5 m EUR in additional funding for film incentives on 18 November 2019. The increase brings the total amount of available funds to 1.3 billion CZK / 51 m EUR.

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Two men in the Czech town of Most, aged 33 and 28, tried to ease the burden of moving a corner sofa down two stories of stairs, so they threw it in pieces out the window. Unfortunately, one piece landed on the back of a passing elderly lady, who was hospitalized and is in recovery for at least six weeks.

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The sharing of private homes in Prague via Airbnb and other accommodation platforms has become a regular business, suggests a new study conducted by the consultancy Deloitte, published in daily Hospodářské noviny. According to the study, only around 20% of flats rented via shared accommodation platforms involve a paying visitor actually staying with the owner. The remaining 80% are entire flats rented strictly for business.

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Consumers should take note when entering their PIN on newer payment terminals in the Czech Republic: a new security feature may cause some initial confusion. Global Payments has developed a new feature that seeks to make theft of PIN numbers much more difficult.

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A monthly study by Deloitte showed that empty new apartment prices rose 7.7% to the end of August 2019. The average price in the city was 110,000CZK a metre for available new apartment space. This information is useful for someone in the market for a completed new apartment or can be used to predict rising or falling prices.

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Retired forward Václav Nedomanský has become the second Czech to be inducted into ice hockey's Hall of Fame. A member of the Czechoslovak world championship winning team in 1972, was the first player from behind the Iron Curtain to defect and play in the NHL. Nedomanský joins goaltender Dominik Hašek, who is the only other Czech to receive this accolade.

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Czech Media Invest (CMI), the investment vehicle of Czech and Slovak investors led by Daniel Kretinsky, is not interested at the moment in buying shares in Italian broadcaster Mediaset, a board member said on Tuesday.

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It seems that the all-new Škoda CITIGOe iV really revived the electric car segment in Czech Republic, as Škoda reportedly already received 500 orders for its first BEV model.

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The government has passed a digital tax on the worlds digital giants. The law still needs to be passed in parliament and signed by the president. World governments have turned to global mega-companies as a target to tax, due to their high profitability and flexible entity arrangements, making taxing them an arguable process – who can lay claim to the revenue, let alone the profit? Estimates of the potential revenue from the 7% tax run as high as CZK 5 billion a year.

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Sociologist Jan Hartl set up Czechoslovakia's first modern-day polling agency, STEM, in 1990 and has been closely monitoring domestic politics and society ever since. When we spoke, the conversation took in Czech politicians' shifting attitude to opinion surveys, Václav Havel's private discussion circle and the "cautious nature" of the country's voters.