Thursday, 23 May 2019
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High energy expenditures are forcing nearly a quarter of Czechs to cut back on other types of spending, a recent survey conducted by the polling agency STEM revealed. However, other data shows that 68% of the population likes to rank up their heating to temperatures by up to 25 degrees, resulting in unnecessary costs. The World Health Organization's standard for warmth says that 18 degrees Celsius is a suitable room temperature for healthy people who are appropriately dressed.

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If you speak two or more languages the Top Language Jobs Fair taking place at the Prague Congress Centre on 25th May is a great way to showcase your language skills, and get that new job you are looking for. At the fair, you’ll have the opportunity to meet recruiters from leading international companies face-to-face.

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The Czech government has dismissed concerns about a slowing economy and growing spending commitments and says it will stick to a planned deficit target. Prime minister Andrej Babiš on Monday described the country's finances as "excellent" saying there was no reason to worry about growth slowing, Reuters reported.

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The Czech Republic, Slovenia, Korea, Poland and Italy are the five countries with the highest share of employees who are at high risk of automation and need significant training to move into lower risk jobs, according to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

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A team of Czech divers and land surveyors are the first in Europe to have succeeded in scanning a flooded cave system. Using film footage from the water-filled Chýnov cave in south Bohemia, they created a detailed and accurate three-dimensional map. The main advantage of the so-called videogrammetry is its simplicity and speed.

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On May 16, Mikuláš Bek, member of the Czech Senate and outgoing rector of Masaryk University, gave the annual "Dies academicus" address, his last as rector of the institution. His recommendations included developing the international character of the university and a shake-up of how universities are funded. He stated that his wish is to see Masaryk University become a "world university".

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The Czech Republic is currently a very attractive country for foreign professionals. With a growing economy and the lowest unemployment rate in the European Union, the country offers job opportunities for people from all over the world. "Foreigners", a relocation agency with Czech roots, has recently launched a new project for expats: an e-book in English giving advice on how to find a job in the Czech Republic.

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Czech banks have agreed to contribute a modest portion of their profits to a national development fund to avoid a threat of special taxes that earlier afflicted their eastern European peers. Prime Minister Andrej Babis said on Monday he wants the units of Société Générale, Erste Bank, KBC and UniCredit to jointly pay an initial CZK 6 billion to the proposed fund in 2020 that would help finance public-investment projects. He wants others to join in as contributors later.

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The Czech government is poised to amend the Food and Consumer Protection acts so as to ban the practice of "dual quality" sales of food and other products. If signed into law, retailers would be banned from selling inferior quality products that appear to be the same as superior ones sold elsewhere in the EU.

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The military troops will be passing through Czechia en route to other central and eastern European countries. The NATO military convoy will be escorted by the Czech Police, and the Military Police. The troops will be passing through the country between May 24 to May 30, on their way to this year's Saber Guardian.

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Two years after a law aiming to clamp down on bootleg wine sales and low quality wines came into force it still sparks controversy among wine-growers and wine sellers. While the Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority claims the quality of wines sold on the market has significantly improved, small wine makers say it is putting them out of business.

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Various research indicates that in the Czech Republic, over 70% of men are overweight, whilst 27% of men are suffering from obesity – and these numbers are still increasing. Meanwhile, for the women, the figures are much less: 57% of women are overweight.

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On the day of the quarter-finals of this year's IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship in Bratislava, the Czech car manufacturer will be presenting its revised Superb model range to the public.

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The Czech Republic's system of company tax is one of the most complicated in the EU, claims a study made in collaboration by the consultancy BDO and two German universities. The Czech Republic ranked 4th from bottom among EU states and its tax system was considered below average in the world-wide ranking. To compare international levels of tax complexity, data from 1,000 respondents was collected and analysed in a joint research project of the LMU Munich and the University of Paderborn.

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Shiny yellow rapeseed plants have sprung to life in the Czech Republic and angry residents blame their billionaire leader for infesting the country with the lucrative plant.