Saturday, 20 October 2018
Cinema | Radio Prague

Little over a week before the centenary of the establishment of Czechoslovakia, a freshly released film brings the state's founder to the big screen. Talks with T.G. Masaryk reconstructs a single conversation between the "father of the nation" and writer Karel Čapek, another symbol of the First Republic era.

Life | Brno Daily

The tattoo art festival is returning to Brno this weekend. Visitors can expect countless examples of various tattoo styles from classic to abstract or modern black work.

Cinema | Prague TV

The low budget Czech absurd comedy Mars., also called Trash on Mars, deglamorizes space travel. The film takes place in 2118, and space exploration has become a fad of the past. Much of the filming took place at an actual Mars simulator in the US.

Cinema | Variety

Czech-Shot "The Glass Room," currently in post-production, is deeply influenced by an aspect of the nation's history not often spoken about by admirers — its remarkable architecture: For generations, the most treasured buildings were home to tragic events.

Arts | Radio Prague

The Czech-born, US based rock musician Ivan Král, one of the best-known Czech musicians abroad, celebrated his 70th birthday this year. He is perhaps the only Czech to have left his mark on the history of rock music and his songs have been recorded by such artists as Iggy Pop, Patti Smith, or David Bowie.

Arts | Prague TV

This solo exhibition by experimental glassmaker Lukáš Kalivoda presents a series of large-format abstract paintings, as well as the innovative technological process by which the paintings were created.

Arts | Prague TV

The Czech National Ballet has prepared a project titled KYLIÁN aiming to commemorate the centenary of the foundation of the Czechoslovak Republic, as well as to pay tribute to Jiří Kylián, the celebrated Czech choreographer.

Arts | Prague TV

British post-punk legends Killing Joke are back in Prague for a Sunday show at Roxy

Arts | Prague TV

Prague Shakespeare Company is staging an old and a new play on two days at the end of October at the Estates Theater. Shakespeare's Measure for Measure will be on Oct. 25 and Lisa Peterson and Denis O'Hare's An Iliad will be on Oct. 26.

Cinema | Prague Morning

There are currently no museums dedicated solely to film in the Czech Republic. But this will change soon – the NaFilM Film Museum will open in December in the historic Mozarteum building.

Life | Prague Morning

Feel good about spending money by shopping at one of Prague's second-hand charities. Get a new outfit, help out some organizations, save the environment and save money.

Life | CU Media

The inimitable performer talks about the electronic music scene and the success of Disco Science

Life | Radio Prague

There is only one place in the entire world where you can drink Pilsner Urquell – the very first pale lager known to man, invented in a happy accident 176 years ago – unpasteurised, unfiltered, and straight from an oak wooden barrel. At the source.

Arts | Prague TV

Fidelio, by Ludwig van Beethoven, is sometimes referred to as the composer's solitary dream. Even though he intensely wished to create an opera, and having considered more than 50 subjects, Beethoven ultimately merely wrote just a single piece in the genre.

Arts | Prague TV

With its new project titled KYLIÁN, the Czech National Ballet aims to pay tribute to Jiří Kylián, the celebrated Czech choreographer, a true icon of global dance.